Wisconsin S3DA Hosts 3-D State Championship

The Outagamie Conservation Club recently hosted the Wisconsin S3DA 3-D State Championship. Located in Hortonville, Wisconsin, this beautiful 64-acre spread of forest and agricultural land provides opportunity for many outdoor activities, such as archery, safety classes, trap shooting, fishing, and much more. Archers from various S3DA clubs and teams arrived throughout the early morning hours to provide adequate social distancing for check-in and equipment inspections. Wisconsin S3DA did a great job providing ALL in attendance with the guidelines prior to the event.

Center Points archer, Amos Weber stated, “I placed 2nd overall in the HS Bowhunter Compound Class and this was my first-year shooting archery in a competitive setting. I have shot before but nothing competitive, really, just for fun and hunting. Before I became involved with S3DA, I had never even shot a 3-D target. All in all, I am glad that I signed up for S3DA this past year and I cannot wait until next year for more competition.”

At each event, archers have displayed their sportsmanship by helping each other and holding umbrellas and hats to block the sun or simply providing someone who is not having a good shooting day a pep talk or a simple pat on the back. It was impressive to see some of the archers help each other with yardage questions and share range finder readings.

One of the parents stated, “This event and this program is exactly what the kids and the parents need right now. We need something positive that they can still do during these strange times.”

Wisconsin S3DA State Coordinator, Dan Schroeder stated, “After two months of unknowns and uncertainty, it was great to see the archers and parents back out on the range, doing what they love to do and have been wanting to do for some time now. Wisconsin has hosted a couple of 3-D regional events prior to this state event and the archers, spectators, and coaches continue to push through this global pandemic by following guidelines and competing in a safe and friendly manner. The archers do a good job of spacing out at their assigned stakes and while scoring and removing their arrows.”

Wisconsin S3DA held two (2) conservation scholarship award contests and presented each male and female winner with their awards and checks. Check out the Wisconsin S3DA Facebook page for more information.