Wisconsin S3DA Hosts 3-D Regional Tournament

Blazin Arrows recently hosted an S3DA 3-D Regional shoot in Hortonville, Wisconsin. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Wisconsin S3DA staff as well as parents, coaches and participants all followed CDC guidelines. Wisconsin S3DA State Coordinator, Dan Schroeder stated, “It was really important to have this event to keep archery in the forefront of everyone’s mind, while also social distancing. Archery is a solitary sport and what better way is there to exercise outdoors and engage in non-contact activities. Yes, the kids can’t give each other high-fives, fist bumps, or hugs, but they can enjoy shooting their bow and competing.”

Archers from several clubs gathered to participate in the event despite the forecast. Many of the archers had to finish their rounds in the rain and it was really impressive to see them sharing umbrellas and bags to help cover their equipment. It rained before, between, and after the two shooting line times.

Blazin Arrows Scholastic 3-D Archery club, Vice President Zach Kelly, stated, “We did not know if we would be able to move forward with any archery shoots this season. Safety is always of paramount importance with youth archery, but the pandemic presented several new challenges with organizing an event. With a lot of planning, we were able to put on a scaled down, socially distanced, and safe shoot. It was great to see the kids back shooting and seeing the smiles and enjoyment this sport gives to so many. We often forget to take that in when these events are happening, so it was great to witness the sportsmanship and comradery in these kids.”

To see scores from this shoot, click on the link here. For more information on Wisconsin S3DA, be sure to check out the Wisconsin S3DA Facebook page.