TX S3DA Hosts Indoor Regional Events

It has been an exciting and busy time in Texas, as Texas S3DA has had three (3) S3DA Indoor Regional competitions. Archers participating in the Texas S3DA regional events will qualify for the upcoming Texas S3DA Indoor State Championship to be held on March 7th, 2020.

The tournaments kicked off with regional competitions in San Antonio and Houston with the Hill Country and East Coast regions hosting events on the same day. The Hill Country regional was host to numerous archers and spectators from the Alamo Area Archery and Lonestar Archers S3DA clubs. The East Coast regional hosted several archers with fierce competition in the compound open class. TX S3DA Veteran Zachary Rebstock posted a 150 with 29 X’s, separating himself from the competition by 3 X’s. Those are definitely some tight scores and aggressive competition!

After these tournaments the inaugural Gulf Coast regional was held hosting archers from the Third Coast Archers S3DA club. This was an exciting event as the club was also able to sign new archers to the S3DA program.

Texas S3DA State Coordinator, Roger Koss said, “I am grateful to the shops who support our programs. Buck & Does Mercantile in San Antonio, C&S Archery in Montgomery, and Archery Outfitters International in Corpus Christi have been instrumental in supporting the growth of S3DA in Texas.”

Please follow the link here to see all of the wonderful pictures from each event.