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S3DA Trophies for Western IndoorScholastic 3-D Archery hosted their 2nd S3DA Western U.S. Indoor National Championship on February 8th, 2018. S3DA students from over 15 clubs and teams was represented, with a total of 93 students participating. S3DA students from 17 different states across the United States met at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The S3DA Western U.S. Indoor Championship was held in conjunction with NFAA’s Vegas Shoot. For complete results on this competition, please visit:

The Results are posted below and for pictures on this event please check the Scholastic 3-D Archery Facebook Page, as well as the Tournament Photos tab on our website.

S3DA Western Indoor Championship Results:

Elementary Male Open:
1st: Wiley Long, Three Rivers Archers, 264 / 2X
2nd: Easton Whicker, Archery of Forney, 254 / 3X
3rd: Aiden Woodie, Lancaster JOAD Team, 251 / 2X

Elementary Female Open:
1st: Rendyn Brooks, Archery of Forney, 281 / 8X
2nd: Abigale Staton, Archery of Forney, 274 / 4X

Middle School Male Open:
1st: Colby Weaver, Lancaster JOAD Team, 284 / 9X
2nd: William Morrison, Hoot & Holler Training Academy, 283 / 6X
3rd: Ryan Booth, Archery of Forney, 281 / 8X

Middle School Female Open:
1st: Morgan Rives, Pine Belt Archers, 297 / 11X
2nd: Sydney Sullenberger, Shell Pond Outdoors, 296 / 17X
3rd: Ella Fisher, 293 / 17X

Middle School Male Traditional:
1st: Layton Sauls, Southern Illinois Archery S3DA, 200 points

Middle School Male Fixed Pins:
1st: Dakota Wilson, Three Rivers Archers, 230 / 2X

Middle School Female Fixed Pins:
1st: Baylee Deer, Archery World USA, 274 / 2X
2nd: Rhyan Turner, Benton Bowmen S3DA, 249 / 2X
3rd: Randi Turner, Benton Bowman S3DA, 240 / 1X

Middle School Male Olympic Recurve:
1st: Ryan Derby, ASR-S3DA, 187 / 1X

Middle School Female Olympic Recurve:
1st: Amber Long, Hoot & Holler Training Academy, 231 / 0X
2nd: Sheridan Weaver, Lancaster JOAD Team, 211 / 2X
3rd: Antasia Robinson, Hoot & Holler Training Academy, 105 / 0X

High School Male Open:
1st: Tyler Heritage, Lancaster JOAD Team, 300 / 26X
2nd: Alexander Lavan, 300 / 21X
3rd: Cooper French, 299 / 21X

High School Female Open:
1st: Raegan Bender, Golden Arrow Archery Club, 297 / 16X
2nd: Isabel Hansemann, ASR-S3DA, 296 / 19X
3rd: Danielle Woodie, Lancaster JOAD Team, 295 / 16X

High School Male Fixed Pins:
1st: John Barnwell, 295 / 16X
2nd: Slaine Miller, Lodi Bowmen S3DA, 277 / 5X
3rd: Skyler Hoeke, Lodi Bowmen S3DA, 276 / 3X

High School Female Fixed Pins:
1st: Parker Bennett, 287 / 10X

High School Male Olympic Recurve:
1st: Conner Kaufhold, Lancaster JOAD Team, 275 / 3X
2nd: Aidan Haire, Hoot & Holler Training Academy, 258 / 0X
3rd: Alexander Klinger, ASR-S3DA, 225 / 1X

High School Female Olympic Recurve:
1st: Casey Kaufhold, Lancaster JOAD Team, 286 / 7X
2nd: Brianna Laux, West Michigan Archery Center S3DA, 280 / 8X
3rd: Holland Linterman, Lodi Bowmen S3DA, 268 / 4X




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