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Scholastic 3-D Archery hosted their 3rd S3DA Indoor National Championship on March 8th & 9th, 2018. S3DA students from over 83 clubs and teams were represented, with a total of 806 students participating. S3DA students from 18 different states across the United States met at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. The S3DA Indoor National Championship was held in conjunction with NFAA’s National Championship. For overall results, please click on the link below:

Results are posted below and for pictures on this event please check the Scholastic 3-D Archery Facebook Page, as well as the Tournament Photos tab on our website.

S3DA Indoor Championship Results:

Elementary Teams Results:
1st Attica Ramblers, IN, score 708, 53 X’s
2nd TJCA Gryphon Archers, NC, score 705, 65 X’s 

Elementary Clubs Results:
1st J.C. Nock High Archery, KY, 744, 88 X’s
2nd Hilltop Archers, IN, 731, 74 X’s
3rd Impact Archery, KY, 730, 59 X’s

Middle School Teams Results:
1st Burns Middle School, KY, 700, 43 X’s
2nd North Putnam Archery, WV, 693, 43 X’s
3rd Daviess County Middle School, KY, 684, 43 X’s

Middle School Club Results:
1st Team ACUSA Outdoors, IN, 737, 82 X’s
2nd Tuckasee Archery, TN, 732, 66 X’s
3rd Impact Archery, KY, 725, 64 X’s

High School Teams Results:
1st Boyd County High School, KY, 742, 94 X’s
2nd Apollo High School, KY, 739, 87 X’s
3rd Daviess County High School, KY, 737, 78 X’s 

High School Club Results:
1st Flaming Arrow Archery, MI, 748, 125 X’s
2nd WKAC S3DA, KY, 745, 113 X’s
3rd Team ACUSA Outdoors, IN, 738, 94 X’s 


8-11-year-old Male traditional: 1st Avery Wilson, 2nd Ethan Fields, 3rd Trey Stuecker
8-11-year-old Female traditional: 1st Ava Mershon, 2nd Mary Jurus, 3rd Emma Early
8-11-year-old Male fixed pins: 1st Noah Coyle, 2nd Ean Neal, 3rd Jackson Cobb
8-11-year-old Female fixed pins: 1st Kirah Klepper, 2nd Katie Dempsey, 3rd Callie Carlton
8-11-year-old Male open compound: 1st Aidan Smith, 2nd Elliot Key, 3rd Sully Edwards
8-11-year-old Female open compound: 1st Rendyn Brooks, 2nd Olivia Dean, 3rd Emma Britt
8-11-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Cael Griffith, 2nd Jonathan Cantner, 3rd Michael Curry
8-11-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Jennabeth Childers, 2nd Anya Carson

12-14-year-old Male traditional: 1st Mason Hammons, 2nd Brock Love, 3rd Blaine Desjourdy
12-14-year-old Female traditional: 1st Ashley Scott, 2nd Madeline Strain, 3rd Jenna Diaz
12-14-year-old Male fixed pins: 1st Kaden Meredith, 2nd Will Dodson, 3rd Brandon Hatley
12-14-year-old Female fixed pins: 1st Savannah Philpot, 2nd Emma Farmer, 3rd Madison Richardson
12-14-year-old Male open compound: 1st Brady Buss, 2nd Harrison Milne, 3rd Cole Penn
12-14-year-old Female open compound: 1st Kate McDonald, 2nd Gracie Clendenin, 3rd Taylor Clark
12-14-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Mark Schnur, 2nd Ethan Williams, 3rd Braydon Sheets
12-14-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Ashley Virgin, 2nd Rachel Hogue, 3rd Sheridan Weaver

15-18-year-old Male traditional: 1st Ben Geise, 2nd Kenny Puckett, 3rd Logan Luong
15-18-year-old Female traditional: 1st Kaitlynn Shull, 2nd Kya Hamman, 3rd Charlotte Adams
15-18-year-old Male fixed pins: 1st Mason Manning, 2nd Jacob Quillen, 3rd Noah Biggs
15-18-year-old Female fixed pins: 1st Katie Hemmann, 2nd Bailey Sager, 3rd Ashley Coffing
15-18-year-old Male open compound: 1st Jase Boils, 2nd Michael Hulburt, 3rd Connor Sears
15-18-year-old Female open compound: 1st Anne Falk, 2nd Natalie Brockman, 3rd Ashley Spicher
15-18-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Conner Kaufhold, 2nd Timothy Westphal, 3rd Peyton Oka
15-18-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Brianna Laux, 2nd Dahja Wright, 3rd Ceridwyn Salyers