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S3DA hosted their 2nd annual Outdoor Target National Championship on July 10th, 2018 in Raleigh, North Carolina, in conjunction with USA Archery’s JOAD Nationals Target Championships. More than 130 of S3DA’s brightest rising stars arrived at the WRAL Soccer Complex from 17 states and 51 clubs/teams to compete for not only a National Championship but also the title of “Shooter of the Year.” Check out the press release for the Outdoor Target National Championship on the Archery Wire!
S3DA Outdoor Target Nationals Press Release

For FULL RESULTS on the S3DA Outdoor Target Nationals please click on the link below:

Team Results:
Elementary Team: 1st Cornerstone Archery

The Results below are determined after shoot-offs:
Elementary School Division:
8-11-year-old Female Traditional: 1st Mary Jurus, 2nd Ava Mershon
8-11-year-old Male Traditional: 1st Avery Wilson, 2nd Brock Aldridge, 3rd Daniel Jurus
8-11-year-old Female Fixed Pins: 1st Rylee Turner, 2nd Brooklyn Campbell, 3rd Callie Carlton
8-11-year-old Male Fixed Pins: 1st Noah Coyle, 2nd Jackson Cobb, 3rd Ethan Green
8-11-year-old Female Open Compound: 1st Taylor Hudson, 2nd Ava Putnam, 3rd Morgan Huddleston
8-11-year-old Male Open Compound: 1st Sully Edwards, 2nd Hayden Adams, 3rd Aiden Woodie
8-11-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Sheridan Weaver, 2nd Jennabeth Childers
8-11-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Cael Griffith, 2nd Johnathan Cantner, 3rd Leo Diaz

Middle School Division:
12-14-year-old Female Traditional: 1st Claire Krepps, 2nd Brynn Rollins, 3rd Audrey Routte
12-14-year-old Male Traditional: 1st Brock Love, 2nd Bear Geise, 3rd Dillon Burnette
12-14-year-old Female Fixed Pins: 1st Lauren Jordan, 2nd Savannah Philpot, 3rd Madison Richardson
12-14-year-old Male Fixed Pins: 1st Dakota Joiner, 2nd Jacob Weber, 3rd Kaden Meredith
12-14-year-old Female Open Compound: 1st Sydney Sullenburger, 2nd Kaci Thierren, 3rd Rubie Chambers
12-14-year-old Male Open Compound: 1st Brady Buss, 2nd Harrison Milne, 3rd Drake Barnett

High School Division:
15-18-year-old Female Traditional: 1st Kya Hammons, 2nd Charlotte Adams
15-18-year-old Male Traditional: 1st Ben Geise
15-18-year-old Female Fixed Pins: 1st Katie Hemmann, 2nd Hunter Tunstill, 3rd Grace Heavner
15-18-year-old Male Fixed Pins: 1st Bryant Rakes, 2nd Mason Manning, 3rd Ben Fannin
15-18-year-old Female Open Compound: 1st Danielle Woodie, 2nd Amanda Newland, 3rd Gracelyn Chambers
15-18-year-old Male Open Compound: 1st Clay Weaver, 2nd Jeremy Wilkerson, 3rd Nick Younger
15-18-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Brianna Laux, 2nd Dahja Wright, 3rd Jordan Lyons
15-18-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Conner Kaufhold, 2nd AJ Clements

2018 S3DA National Shooter of the Year


The Scholastic Archery Association hosted their 6th annual S3DA 3-D National Championship on June 22nd-24th, 2018. S3DA students from over 100 clubs and teams were represented, with more than 900 students participating. S3DA students from 27 different states across the United States met at the Mermet Lake State Conservation Area near Metropolis, Illinois. The S3DA 3-D National Championship was held in conjunction with the Archery Shooters Association (ASA) Mathews Illinois Pro/Am.

Check out the press release for the 3-D Championship on the Outdoor Wire!
S3DA 3-D National Championship Press Release


For FULL RESULTS on Elementary please click the following link:

For FULL RESULTS on Middle School please click the following link:

For FULL RESULTS on High School please click the following link:

The Results below are determined after shoot-offs.

Elementary Teams Results:
1st TJCA Gryphon Archers, 2027/60
2nd PCA Thunderbirds, 1997/45

Elementary Clubs Results:
1st Covenant Ranch, 2055/63
2nd Hilltop Archers, 2015/50
3rd Impact Archery, 1972/39

Middle School Teams Results:
1st Burns Middle School, 2026/47
2nd PCA Thunderbirds, 1987/41
3rd Daviess County Middle School, 1940/40

Middle School Club Results:
1st Team ACUSA Outdoors, 2066/60
2nd Covenant Ranch, 2039/59
3rd Hilltop Archers, 2022/48

High School Teams Results:
1st Boyd County High School, 2085/64
2nd Apollo High School, 2072/60
3rd Daviess County High School, 2067/68

High School Club Results:
1st Refuge Archery, 2080/76
2nd Team On-Point S3DA, 2071/64
3rd Central KY Nock Busters, 2070/76

Elementary Results:
8-11-year-old Male traditional: 1st Avery Wilson, 2nd Keaton Crawford, 3rd Braden McCoy
8-11-year-old Female traditional: 1st Ava Mershon, 2nd Mary Jurus, 3rd Jayden Reeves
8-11-year-old Male fixed pins: 1st Ean Neal, 2nd Cody Humphries, 3rd Noah Coyle
8-11-year-old Female fixed pins: 1st Chloe McElroy, 2nd Brooklyn Campbell, 3rd Rylee Turner
8-11-year-old Male open compound: 1st Sully Edwards, 2nd Chase Vance, 3rd Elijah Cook
8-11-year-old Female open compound: 1st Graycen Fletcher, 2nd Catie Elam, 3rd Danielle Willis
8-11-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Cael Griffith
8-11-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Anya Carson, 2nd Jennabeth Childers

Middle School Results:
12-14-year-old Male traditional: 1st Joseph Hickerson, 2nd Bear Geise, 3rd Brock Love
12-14-year-old Female traditional: 1st Claire Krepps, 2nd Brynn Rollins, 3rd Emma Iles
12-14-year-old Male fixed pins: 1st Seth Pipes, 2nd Noah Weisenbach, 3rd Jacob Weber
12-14-year-old Female fixed pins: 1st Savannah Philpot, 2nd Emma Farmer, 3rd Grace Oglesby
12-14-year-old Male open compound: 1st Drake Barnett, 2nd Brady Buss, 3rd Asa Flowers
12-14-year-old Female open compound: 1st Hailey Wilson, 2nd Emma Lineberger/ Katie Skinner, 3rd Taylor Clark
12-14-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Ethan Williams, 2nd Grant English, 3rd Max Fieber
12-14-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Olivia Hale, 2nd Caroline Bossman, 3rd Victoria Mancheva

High School Results:
15-18-year-old Male traditional: 1st Ben Geise, 2nd Landon Richardson, 3rd Tristan Kitchen
15-18-year-old Female traditional: 1st Kya Hamman, 2nd Kaitlynn Shull, 3rd Danielle Underwood
15-18-year-old Male fixed pins: 1st Clay Dempsey, 2nd Joe Weinhold, 3rd Mason Manning
15-18-year-old Female fixed pins: 1st Katie Hemmann, 2nd Kynsley Redmon, 3rd Grace Heavner
15-18-year-old Male open compound: 1st Cooper Jones, 2nd Lane Brandt, 3rd Jase Boils
15-18-year-old Female open compound: 1st Natalie Brockman, 2nd Meg Curtis, 3rd Bethany Groce
15-18-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st A.J. Clements, 2nd Gabe Muscat, 3rd Gage Simonson
15-18-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Dahja Wright, 2nd Ashley Virgin, 3rd Josey Dyer



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