Texas S3DA Hosts Multiple Regional Tournaments

As the world continues to navigate through the pandemic, S3DA Regional and State Coordinators have worked together to establish plans to provide archers, coaches, parents and spectators a safe environment to effectively start and carry out their archery seasons. While no one can predict what the future may hold, Texas S3DA State Coordinator, Roger Koss, is working with Texas Archery, Nock It Archery and Leading-Edge Archery to host Indoor regional events across the state each weekend. Roger plans to have the Texas S3DA Indoor State Championship at all three locations on the same weekend to maintain social distancing and make better accommodations for the venue host, archers, and their families.

Texas S3DA State Coordinator, Roger Koss says, “The 2020-2021 Texas S3DA season is off to a great start. Our Indoor Hill Country Regional was a big success and that is all thanks to our relationship with Leading Edge Archery. We gained a couple of NEW S3DA Student Members on the day of the event and slowly but surely, we continue to see Texas S3DA grow. Our parents are incredibly happy that amidst this outbreak we have remained focused on the kid’s safety and created a schedule that allows for as safe of an environment as possible.”