National Outreach Director

National Outreach Coordinators

Below are the regional national outreach coordinators. The coloring of the map below corresponds to the area that each coordinator covers.

Western National Outreach Coordinator


Northern National Outreach Coordinator

Southern National Outreach Coordinator

Eastern National Outreach Coordinator


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R3 Coordinators

R3- Recruitment, Retention, & Reactivation – is an ever evolving process.

R3 stands for recruitment, retention, and reactivation and R3 activities seek to create new participants or increase participation rates of current or lapsed outdoor recreationists. Outdoor recreationists engage in outdoor wildlife and fisheries dependent recreation including, but not limited to, hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, photography, education and interpretation. While the reasons for engaging in outdoor activities are more varied than in the past, connecting with nature and each other remains a driving factor for all recreationists.

This webpage link below serves as a resource for the hunting and shooting sports R3 community. Hover over the icon in each state to find the name and email of that R3 Coordinator. Use the filter on the map and legend below to determine the state’s progress of stepping down the National Hunting and Shooting Sports Action Plan and tackling R3 at the state level. Click on the icons and view recent updates for each state.

R3 Coordinator Map