Interested in Starting a Club?

Start-up equipment kits are available for public and private schools, teams/clubs, government agencies, and non-profit organizations through Scholastic 3-D Archery. The equipment kits may be purchased at a reduced price thanks to the support and generosity of several archery manufacturers and private donors.

Please note that the equipment purchased through this program is to be used only by the acquiring teams, clubs, schools, and organizations

To become a certified S3DA Club/Team please follow these steps:

  1. Send One Adult through the S3DA Basic Instructor Training Course. This person must complete an S3DA background check or provide documentation of a USA Archery Level 2 or above membership. (For more information on this, please go to the “Coaches tab” and select “Become a Coach” for all the complete steps).
  2. Complete the following registration forms and submit them to S3DA:

If for some reason the links above are not working and you cannot download the forms at all, please contact the S3DA National Office (information is provided on the contact tab). 

Student Membership Information ($25)

In order to become an S3DA member, you must first be a part of a club or team. We will help you find a coach and club where you are! All students will receive a Student Membership Packet. Partners and Sponsors are adding new materials to Student’s Packets all the time, so every year students have the opportunity to receive new materials. Please click on the packet below for an example of what is included in Student Membership Packets:

Student Membership Packet