South Carolina S3DA Hosts 3-D Regional Tournament

On June 6th, 2020, South Carolina S3DA held the 1st 3-D regional of the 2020 season at Tab’s Archery Club in Gray Court, South Carolina. Archers were on hand from eight (8) clubs and two (2) teams across South Carolina. Many of the archers that have competed within S3DA were taking their time to show the newcomers the ropes as well as how the flow of a 3-D tournament goes. South Carolina S3DA State Coordinator, Sheila Tadlock did a good job of making sure that all archers and spectators in attendance of the event followed the CDC Guidelines by limiting the number of archers per target, providing hand sanitizer and social distancing on the range. It was very encouraging to see archers get back out on the range after most of their 3-D season has been cut short due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

“As the archers started arriving from their morning drive, my heart was filled with celebration and excitement to see their smiling faces! Breathing in the fresh air, starting equipment checks and watching everyone get ready to compete, was a great moment of being able to say we are finally back. I think I had a sigh of relief just knowing that our world is somewhat getting back on track and families can now enjoy some much-needed time together on the archery range,” stated SC State Coordinator, Sheila Tadlock.

S3DA archer Carmen Addis from Palmetto Center Seekers stated, “If I were to describe my first S3DA tournament in three words, I would say fun, enjoyable and tiring! Hanging out with friends was the best part, especially while waiting on results after a long morning of shooting.”

Andrew Thompson from Midlands Archery Center said, “The tournament was something that was different than what I’m used to. We were put into the forest without knowing what targets we are shooting at, how far they are or where the scoring rings are and I love that kind of mystery. Overall, it was an amazing tournament. The people were great, the targets were great and it was refreshing to be out and about.”

“This 3-D event was great, and the set-up was perfect and challenging. This was our first tournament for Sherwood Forest Archery and the team did a great job. Morgan Greene received 1st place for the Female Elementary BH Compound with a 206, Tanner Talley received 1st place for the Male Elementary BH Compound with a 171, and Garreth Seaborn received 3rd place for Male Elementary BH Compound with a 168. The entire team scored over 100, which is amazing for their first ever tournament. We are grateful for the Scholastic 3-D Archery program,” stated Sherwood Forest Archery S3DA Coach, Kenny Talley.

South Carolina S3DA archers also got a chance to compete in the 2020 Toiler Paper Challenge. This challenge consists of a 3-D buck target set at a max of 10 yards and 20 yards and you can shoot 1 arrow for $3 or 3 arrows for $5. The first challenger Maddie Tadlock “Nailed It” at 10 yards and moved back to 20 yards and “Nailed It” with an arrow to spare. Marshall Case “Nailed It” at 20 yards twice. Alyssa Roof and Sydney Ballard “Nailed It” at 10 yards.

South Carolina is looking forward to their next 3-D regional on June 20th, as they will host a dual regional with North Carolina S3DA in Fort Mill, South Carolina.