Scholastic 3-D Archery Holds 2020 Vegas Invitational Championship

On February 6th, 2020, Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) in conjunction with the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) held their 4th annual S3DA Vegas Invitational Championship. Numbers more than doubled from last year’s event with 170 archers vying for the title of “National Champion” in their respective division. S3DA archers from twenty-six (26) different states, fifty (50) clubs and six (6) teams met at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada to participate in the competition. S3DA continues to grow the numbers in the western United States and has recently expanded to offer an entirely new western series of events for the 2020 season.

S3DA National Outreach Coordinator, Chris McDonald stated, “The S3DA Vegas Invitational is a great tournament for the S3DA members from across the United States to get together and have some fun. The event is really a stand-alone event as it doesn’t figure into Shooter of the Year totals for the Eastern or Western S3DA series but gives them a good opportunity to see what (The Vegas Shoot) is all about in a smaller format. With the numbers doubling from last year, it’s entirely likely that we will have to implement two-line times in the future to accommodate the growth.”

S3DA Colorado State Coordinator, Ryan Hudson said, “What an awesome event for our shooters! S3DA is a positive environment that builds shooters into amazing young adults. High School archers are being recognized and provided the opportunity to receive scholarships to further develop their future. I know for sure that I will be bringing ALL of my S3DA archers to this event next year.”

Several different colleges and universities were on hand to present scholarship opportunities for well-deserving high school students during the award ceremony. S3DA is now looking forward to the Western Indoor Nationals on March 14th, 2020 in Tucson, Arizona at the Pete Shepley Archery Center as well as the Eastern Indoor Nationals on March 19th, 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky at the Kentucky International Convention Center. Registration is now open for both events, so reserve your opportunity today!

At the conclusion of the S3DA Vegas Invitational, approximately, 163 S3DA archers also competed in the National Field Archery Association’s “The Vegas Shoot.” Annabelle Moore from Black Bear Archery in Alaska and Dewey Hathaway from Team Phoenix in Massachusetts both finished in 1st place in the Compound Youth Division of “The Vegas Shoot.” Approximately 30 S3DA archers placed in the top ten of their respective divisions with 15 of those archers placing in the top five. Congratulations S3DA archers!

For a full list of the S3DA Vegas Invitational results, please click here.


Club Results:
High School Club: 1st Arrow Busters, 2nd Team Quick Draw

Elementary School Division:
8-10-year-old Male Barebow: 1st Daniel Ebner, 2nd Mason Long
8-10-year-old Female BH Compound: 1st Kyla Scott
8-10-year-old Male BH Compound: 1st Ty Fallis, 2nd Logan Turnbull, 3rd Austin Hensley
8-10-year-old Female Open: 1st Savannah O’ Donohue, 2nd Samantha Katz, 3rd Jalyn McGrath
8-10-year-old Male Open: 1st Logan Seay, 2nd Troy Brown, 3rd Myles Barnett
8-10-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Anabella Hoang

Middle School Division:
11-13-year-old Male Barebow: 1st Brock Aldridge
11-13-year-old Female BH Compound: 1st Kaelee Deremer, 2nd Hannah Summers, 3rd Cheyenne Boggs
11-13-year-old Male BH Compound: 1st Grayson Wilson, 2nd Rylan Long, 3rd Ean Neal
11-13-year-old Female Open: 1st Annabelle Moore, 2nd Rendyn Brooks, 3rd Rachel Ruggerio
11-13-year-old Male Open: 1st Jacob Weber, 2nd Jacob Merkel, 3rd Colton Converse
11-13-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Samantha Ensign, 2nd Emma Vicars, 3rd Lanie Nish
11-13-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Tomas Harris

High School Division:
14-18-year-old Female Barebow:
14-18-year-old Male Barebow: 1st Evan Thibodeau, 2nd Braydon Sheets
14-18-year-old Female BH Compound: 1st Randi Turner, 2nd Rhyan Turner, 3rd Emma Iles
14-18-year-old Male BH Compound: 1st Joseph West, 2nd Coby Hudson, 3rd Holden Joseph
14-18-year-old Female Open: 1st Raegan Bender, 2nd Sydney Sullenberger, 3rd Anne Falk
14-18-year-old Male Open: 1st Austin Hall, 2nd Jeremy Schlabach, 3rd Nathaniel Wilken
14-18-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Abigail Rutledge, 2nd Jordan Meiners, 3rd Abigail Reed
14-18-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Dallas Jones, 2nd Landon Richardson, 3rd Brett Deas