S3DA to Include Bonus “Fun Shoots” at 3-D Nationals

The Scholastic 3-D Archery program (S3DA) is pleased to announce the S3DA 3-D National Championship will be conducted July 23rd-26th in London, Kentucky at the Laurel County Fairgrounds. S3DA will offer some fun bonus events that include a (20) target 3-D practice range, Delta McKenzie North American Big Game Bowhunting Challenge, Kirsch Target Challenge, and a Delta McKenzie Long-Shot Challenge.

The North American Big Game Bowhunting Challenge will consist of ten big game Delta McKenzie 3-D targets modeled after big game wildlife common in North America including the Elk, Caribou, Antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Strutting Turkey, Mountain Lion, Standing Bear, Black Bear, Mule Deer and Large Alert Deer. The Kirsch Target Challenge will consist of ten newly developed Leitold 3-D targets built specifically for S3DA family-friendly competition.

The Delta McKenzie Long-Shot Challenge will consist of Whitetail Deer 3-D Targets placed at distances greater than the maximum distance for each student’s normal division and class. Participants will attempt to hit an orange dot on the target to receive an on-site prize. Everyone who participates in the event will be entered into a drawing to WIN the target they were attempting to hit.

Each S3DA student and their adult mentor will be required to shoot these 3-D target challenges from various distances. Students will participate with their regular equipment in their normal division/class and the totals from each student and their mentor will be combined for an ending score. Each student/mentor team will compete against other student/mentor teams in the student’s age-division and shooting class. Each student/mentor team can participate as many times as they like for an additional cost.