S3DA Senior Tribute to the Class of 2020

When the Senior Class of 2020 began their final year last Fall, nobody had an inkling of the chaos that would ensue during the global pandemic. The Senior Class of 2020 was unique as some had been involved in the S3DA program from the very beginning. Tragically, their archery season and final year of high school were cut short. In the midst of this very chaotic archery season, Scholastic 3-D Archery released an emotional tribute video to recognize the 2020 S3DA Senior Class. Parents, coaches, and students were instrumental in making this video possible by submitting tons of pictures and without their help, none of this would have been made possible. The 2020 S3DA Senior Class consists of approximately 165 archers from 22 states and 92 S3DA clubs and teams combined.

“Congratulations to these outstanding individuals for the fortitude and perseverance to stick to it and come out with an amazing accomplishment. To the parents, thank you for allowing them to make memories that they will never forget during their journey of life,” stated S3DA Coach, Andy Fewin of the S3DA club, Chapman-Blue River Archery in Kansas.

Kentucky State Coordinator, Kristi Wilson stated, “The graduating class of 2020 has produced a large number of archers. These archers take with them a drive, dedication and determination that will carry them far in life. Some of these archers will continue on to shoot collegiate archery, some will take the path to become a professional archer and others will take a different path. ALL these archers will leave the S3DA program with a vast knowledge of archery, hunting and conservation. I am confident in saying that quite a few of these archers will return at some time to the S3DA program as either a coach, mentor or a parent of a child involved in S3DA. They will carry forward and promote youth archery, so that others can enjoy it just as much as they did. Thank you to the 2020 graduates for believing in Scholastic 3-D Archery.”

Check out this creative and meaningful celebration of the S3DA Class of 2020 here!