S3DA Partners With Delta McKenzie on Spring Turkey Contest

Scholastic 3-D Archery recently wrapped up their annual Spring Turkey Harvest Contest. The contest consisted of active S3DA members submitting information about their hunting experience, equipment used for the hunt and a picture with their harvest. Delta McKenzie sponsored the contest by providing two (2) Little Stutter 3-D targets to two (2) lucky winners awarded by random drawing! Over 80 students and coaches from thirteen (13) states submitted turkey harvests.

S3DA is committed to instilling in students the critical connection between hunting and conservation. The driving force behind the growth of the program has been derived from many different facets, including the R3 program, Fish & Wildlife agencies, along with the Department of Natural Resources agencies, partners, sponsors and interested parties across the nation. S3DA encourages members to participate in other disciplines of outdoor programs, such as: bowfishing, rifle shooting, shotgun activities, etc., with the skills and knowledge to partake in a safe and effective way.

“It’s always exhilarating to get outside in the springtime and the photo contest just adds to the fun,” said Carri Garett, Delta McKenzie Sales Manager. “We’re thrilled to be involved and a part of the fun the kids are having as they practice in the backyard and then take to the field. We are always excited to see the photos of the kids’ showcasing their success during the spring turkey season.”

The drawing was held on Friday, June 5th, 2020 and the two winners were: Addison Metcalf from AimTakers Archery and Jesse Sizemore from Arch Rivals.