S3DA National Championship to Remain at Rend Lake, Illinois

The North Marcum Recreation Area at Rend Lake, Illinois is a beautiful site that offers excellent opportunities to enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, watching wildlife, archery and so much more! This past year, S3DA held their 10th annual 3D National Championship at the North Marcum Recreation Area. Archers and spectators were sent a survey for feedback on the overall event and the majority of attendees enjoyed Rend Lake and wanted to return to the venue. Since the event, the Rend Lake Area Tourism Council and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Rend Lake have worked together with S3DA staff on plans for hosting future 3D National Championship Tournaments.

“The 2022 S3DA National Tournament was the first of its kind to be held at the new North Marcum Archery Complex and Recreation Area, and it was a huge success because of the partnership between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Rend Lake Area Tourism Council, Rend Lake College, and the Rend Lake Conservancy District along with tremendous community support. We are looking forward to the event returning to Rend Lake. It brought thousands of nationwide competitors and their family members, visitors from the local communities, and many vendors to the area and I am confident that it will continue to grow,” stated U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Rend Lake Operations Manager, Jackie Taylor.

Rick Linton, Executive Director-Rend Lake Area Tourism Council stated, “All of our organizations involved with hosting the 2022 S3DA 3D National Championship were extremely impressed with the event and plan to participate again in 2023. The participants and their families were delightful people and seemed very impressed with the Rend Lake venue. We look forward to making their experience even better in 2023.”

S3DA Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, Kayla Bolton said, “During the 3D National Championship this past year, archers and their families were simply amazed at the Rend Lake venue and all the other activities surrounding the event. Multiple times throughout the weekend I heard parents, grandparents, and coaches say how impressed they were and that they couldn’t wait to come back to this venue. This was the first National S3DA event that I have attended where there was abundant wildlife on all the ranges and many of the animals did not leave the ranges even with the archers actively shooting.”