S3DA Names Missouri State Coordinator

Katherine (Kathy) McLean has been the Missouri S3DA State Coordinator since 2018. She has done an amazing job of dividing the state into regions, growing coach, student, and team memberships, providing tournaments across the state, and recently received a grant from the NRA to provide more infrastructure for the program. Missouri S3DA now has active student members across the state that compete in regional and state events. As she steps down from the State Coordinator position to focus on increased responsibilities within her professional life, S3DA would like to thank Kathy for all her hard work and consistent efforts to build a strong foundation which will allow for a smooth transition to a new State Coordinator. As Garrett Huster assumes the role of new Missouri S3DA State Coordinator, he will continue to build on the program’s success.

Garrett Huster currently resides in Troy, Missouri with his wife, Lisa, and two children, Qwenton and Addyson. He wanted to get his daughter into more archery than what 4H was providing and he came across S3DA on the internet. He inquired about the program and a month later got his S3DA Basic Instructor Training certification to become a coach. He then started the second S3DA team in Missouri with three kids. Since then, he now owns an archery shop called Lights Out Archery (same name of his club) that has grown from three kids to twenty-two.

While Garrett truly enjoys archery, his passion is to teach children about archery and pass on the love for the sport. When he heard that Kathy was stepping down, he become interested in being the next State Coordinator because he truly loves teaching children and seeing them succeed. He stated, “I want to keep growing S3DA in Missouri. We have several teams now and I want to keep adding more teams by providing more exposure to the program. I am hopeful that in the long run we can set-up several incentive programs that will not only keep kids interested but hopefully produce a higher percentage of turnout at regional and state events. I am surrounded by a great group of people that will make this transition into being the State Coordinator much easier. I look forward to the upcoming competition season and continuing growth of S3DA in Missouri.”