S3DA Names Bellings Iowa State Coordinator

Scholastic 3-D Archery has named Cory Bellings as the new Iowa S3DA State Coordinator. As the State Coordinator, Cory will oversee all aspects of the S3DA program in Iowa, including promoting the program across the state to gain team and individual memberships, providing trainings for new coaches, and dividing the state into regions and placing regional coordinators to oversee and manage these individual regions. Cory’s plan is to split Iowa into six (6) regions. He is in East Central Iowa, so his plan is to start there and work his way west. He stated, “My main goal for 2022 is to get Regional Coordinators for each of the six regions and roughly 2-4 S3DA coaches and two S3DA teams in each region. I would really like to have between 50-100 archers in the program by the end of the year.”

Cory was born and raised in Iowa. His favorite thing about Iowa is the beauty of their bluffs along the Mississippi River. He is the proud father of two girls and one boy. In his spare time, he and his wife spend time with their children at their permanent campsite. He enjoys archery, fishing, hunting, camping, and riding UTV’s.

Cory became interested in S3DA to help promote the outdoors and archery to the youth. He is currently a coach for the Bellevue Archery Club located in Bellevue, Iowa. Working with the contacts that he already has established; he plans to reach out to major organizations within the state and educate them on what the S3DA program is all about.

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