Recap of Indiana S3DA Indoor Season

Indiana S3DA held nine regional indoor qualifiers leading up to the 2020 Indiana S3DA Indoor State Championship. Iroquois Archery Club, Jay County Conservation Club, Blackhawk Bowhunters, Fountain Central High School, Cutting Edge Archery Shop and Attica High School were all hosting facilities for the regional indoor qualifiers.

Pine Hill Prodigies hosted the Indiana S3DA Indoor State Championship at the Armory in Lebanon, Indiana. The facility provided an immense amount of space which allowed eighty archers to shoot at one time. The state event featured a Friday night flight and three flights on Saturday with nearly every line time being completely full. With over seven hundred spectators on hand, 269 archers competed in the Indoor State Championship.

Indiana S3DA State Coordinator, Greg Ashley stated, “A lot of the people throughout the state liked having regionals closer to where they live so there is less travel time and more flexibility. Being able to offer multiple regionals across the state on the same day makes it easier to accommodate venue space and provides a better infrastructure leading up to the state championship.”

Indiana S3DA would like to thank Wabash Valley College and Union College for the scholarship certificates for the event.