QDMA Family Whitetail Challenge at S3DA

QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) was founded in 1988 and has grown to become an internationally recognized organization focused on educating hunters on the benefits of quality deer management practices. QDMA is a committed partner of S3DA and assists in providing conservation education, hunting and mentorship opportunities to youth hunters through activities such as the “S3DA/QDMA Youth Hunt,” as well as the e-book, “QDMA’s Guide to Successful Deer Hunting.”

The 2019 S3DA National 3-D and Outdoor Target Championships were recently held in Metropolis, Illinois. This event surely became a treasured memory for the more than 1,100 participants from across the country, thousands of spectators, and extended variety of archery and conservation vendors that were in attendance. Throughout the scorching hot week, several novelty type events were held to allow student/mentor teams to show off their archery expertise on targets or courses they might not normally see. One of those events was the “QDMA Family Whitetail Challenge.” This event consisted of ten Delta McKenzie whitetail 3-D targets positioned in various situations and known distances and modeled after a real bowhunting experience.

S3DA students and their adult mentors were each required to shoot these 3-D targets. The totals from each student and their mentor were combined for an ending score. Awards were issued in each age-division and class. Everyone who participated was then put in a drawing for a grand prize of a guided hunt on a privately managed wildlife preserve in Kentucky. The participation for the novelty events increased greatly from the previous year and everyone was exciting to get a jump start on their practice for bowhunting season.

Brian Murphy, CEO of QDMA had this to say, “The QDMA Family Whitetail Challenge is a great example of how we leverage our partnership with S3DA to engage and motivate the next generation of bowhunters. Not only is 3-D archery fun for the entire family, but it’s also the perfect training activity for bowhunters.” The youth archers of S3DA all seem to agree that 3-D archery is the ultimate bowhunting practice and can be found as close as their own backyards. For more information on S3DA, QDMA and their conservation efforts please visit: https://www.s3da.org/s3da-conservation/