Pope & Young Club “North American Big Game Challenge”

The Pope & Young Club, one of America’s most prominent bow hunting and conservation organizations has been a long-time supporter of Scholastic 3-D Archery. The club’s long-standing commitment to conservation, bow hunting and fair-chase ethics resonated resoundingly with S3DA’s mission of recruiting and retaining youth archers while reactivating seasoned hunters from the beginning. The Pope & Young Club has partnered with and assisted S3DA in many different avenues since the inception of the program and it appears this partnership will thrive far into the future. “The Pope and Young Club is a strong supporter of S3DA. We believe that the S3DA programs are a clear path to developing an interest in bow hunting and  participation in the natural world. Bow hunters are the greatest conservationists and we need more of them,” Jack Frost, Vice President Pope and Young Club

Recently, the 2019 S3DA National 3-D and Outdoor Target Championships were held in Metropolis, Illinois. This week-long event garnered more than 1,100 participants from across the country, thousands of spectators, and a host of archery and conservation vendors. Throughout the week, several novelty type events were held to allow student/mentor teams to showcase their archery prowess on targets or courses they might not normally see. One of those events was the Pope & Young Club’s “North American Big Game Challenge.” This event consisted of ten big game Delta McKenzie 3-D targets modeled after big game wildlife common in North America such as elk, caribou, mule deer, big horn sheep, black panther, standing bear, mountain lion, antelope, black bear and several large deer in various situations.

Each S3DA student and their adult mentor were required to shoot these 3-D targets from various known distances. The totals from each student and their mentor were combined for an ending score. Awards were issued in each age-division and class. Everyone who participated were then put in a drawing for a grand prize winner of a guided hunt on a prestigious managed wildlife preserve in Kentucky. The participation for this event increased dramatically over the previous year and everyone was excited to see 3-D targets that they would not normally have the opportunity to shoot such as the Delta McKenzie elk and caribou.

Kynsley Redmon, a high school archer from the Daviess County Archery Team in Owensboro, KY said, “It was a great opportunity to shoot the Pope & Young Club’s North American Big Game Challenge. The range helped prepare me for the upcoming tournament as well as giving me valuable time to spend with my adult mentor who participated with me. The Challenge gave me the chance to relax, have fun, and shoot targets that I’d never shot before. I’m very thankful for the Pope & Young Club’s support of S3DA and all the great memories I made.”

The continued support from the Pope & Young Club allows S3DA to focus not only on expanding the horizons of competitive youth archers across the country but also introducing them to a lifetime of enjoyment in the outdoors. Conservation, bow hunting and competitive archery embody the spirited passion of outdoors men across the nation. The key to its sustainability begins with the foundation of youth that S3DA and Pope & Young are building.