Pennsylvania S3DA Hosts Indoor Target State Championship

Jon Munley, Palmyra Sportsmen’s Association Head Coach and Event Organizer was very excited to be the host facility for the Pennsylvania S3DA Indoor Target State Championship. Many archers filled the facility to shoot their respective lines throughout the day. When asking Jon how the event went, he stated that he did not realize how much work goes into running an event of this magnitude, but he was very thankful for everyone’s assistance in making sure the event went smoothly and the highlight for him was when he was setting up the shooting lane assignments. Jon stated, “Luke Shirk, from Reading Archery Club, one of the biggest guys on the line was paired up with a very young and smaller shooter. Although most archers would have been intimidated by Luke’s sheer size, the younger archer was not scared at all. I asked Luke to show him the ropes and he bent down so he was at the younger archer’s level and said, “We’ve got this, what’s your name, buddy?” For me, that’s what S3DA is all about.”

Andy Dumbauld, a member of the archery committee at Palmyra stated, “I was impressed by the attitudes I saw displayed by the archers from the youngest to the most seasoned veterans. They all represented their respective teams and themselves well.” Each archer, parent, and coach all seemed to have enjoyed the great day of shooting. Hunter Garrison shot an outstanding 150 with 28X’s and 20 inside/out X’s and what made this day so special for Hunter was his 1st place finish after losing his grandfather, with whom he was remarkably close with, just a few days before.”

“It is great to see the numbers continue to climb upward at each event. We are very thankful for the great job Palmyra Sportsmen did in hosting this state tournament. You would never have known when walking into the venue this was their first S3DA tournament they have ever hosted,” stated Reading Archery Coach, Bob Lauffer.