Oklahoma S3DA Host Inaugural State Championship

Oklahoma S3DA held its first Indoor State Championship at The Arrow Shop in Dewey, Oklahoma in conjunction with the National Field Archery Association’s (NFAA) state organization the Oklahoma State Archery Association (OSAA). Both championships were held on the same day which allowed S3DA archers to compete in both events, if they so desired. Archers gathered from across the state of Oklahoma to compete in this event, with some archers living more than two hours away.

“I think being able to combine the S3DA tournament with the OSAA event was a good opportunity to get some kids to participate that otherwise would not have been able to travel. Archery is becoming more popular and by combining events it allows parents to not be forced to choose one event over the other,” stated Kelli Blair, Owner of the Archery Shop and S3DA coach.

“In Oklahoma we have a lot of archery events held by various organizations. The suggestion of working together with the Oklahoma State Archery Association (OSAA) to combine both state championships was a great idea. The host range seamlessly integrated both organizations and warmly welcomed the S3DA archers. I appreciate the colleges who support our high school archers by providing scholarship opportunities and I am excited to see what the future holds for Oklahoma S3DA,” stated Oklahoma S3DA State Coordinator, Brent Simmons.

Rusty Peterson, S3DA coach and volunteer stated, “The archers attending the State S3DA Indoor event stood out on the competition line wearing their S3DA shooting shirts. It was apparent they brough their “A” game with high scores posted and numerous scholarships being awarded. The host facility fostered a safe, fun and quality environment for the youth and spectators.”

Bethel University, Union College, Southeastern Illinois College, Lindsey Wilson College, Kentucky Christian University, University of the Cumberland’s and Connors State College presented college scholarship certificates to the High School podium finishers.