North Carolina S3DA Leadership Shifts for Continued Growth

Renee Griffith has been the North Carolina S3DA State Coordinator since June of 2016. She has done an amazing job of dividing the state into regions, growing the coach and student memberships, and providing tournaments across the state. North Carolina S3DA now has hundreds of active student members that compete in local, regional, and state tournaments where they have podiumed and won over $10 million in college scholarships in the past four years. As she steps down from the state coordinator position to focus on increased responsibilities within her professional life, S3DA would like to thank Renee for all of her hard work and consistent efforts to build a strong foundation which will allow for a smooth transition to a new state coordinator. As Chris Poston assumes the role of new North Carolina S3DA State Coordinator, he will continue to build on the program’s success.

Chris Poston was born and raised in Shelby, North Carolina. After graduating high school, he went to work for Shelby Fire Department, where he worked for 32 years before retiring as Battalion Chief in 2015. Chris loves spending time in the outdoors with his wife, Lorie and his daughter, Olivia.

In 2014, Olivia expressed an interest in learning how to bowhunt and this began Chris’s journey in hunting and archery. In 2015, Olivia joined the Thunderbirds Archery Team at Pinnacle Classical Academy and that is where Chris was introduced to S3DA. As they traveled to local shoots and then S3DA National events, Chris’s interest continued to grow and before long everyone in the family had a bow and started competing locally and following the Archery Shooter’s Association (ASA) circuit. Chris became a certified Basic S3DA Coach in 2016 and gained his Advanced certification in 2017. He joined the Thunderbirds coaching staff and began helping youth archers to learn about the great outdoors and archery as a sport.

As the North Carolina S3DA State Coordinator, Chris looks to continue to grow the student memberships, as well as bring on new coaches and clubs across the state. In the coming weeks, he will be reaching out to the current NC Regional Coordinators to work on the 2020-2021 North Carolina S3DA event schedule and determine the needs that will allow the state to continue offering events with COVID guidelines and group limitations in place.

Chris’s long-term goal is to recruit a regional coordinator for each of the ten regions in North Carolina and eventually establish new teams there. Chris said, “I would like to see coaching clinics offered in each region for those interested in becoming a coach. Archery is a sport that everyone can participate in, as my family is a testimony to that. I look forward to this new journey and the opportunity to work with youth, parents and coaches across the state.”