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Hawthorne Christian Academy in Chester, South Carolina hosted the 2020 SC S3DA Indoor State Championship. South Carolina S3DA had forty-eight (48) archers from six clubs and two teams to participate in this inaugural event. Midlands Regional Coordinator, Jonas Sewell stated, “I am so proud of all of our kids who came out to compete. It has been a great year watching each student progress thru each tournament. All the hard work and dedication these kids bring to practice really shows at the events when they get to stand on the podium in front of everyone.”

“The State Championship was a great representation of talent, determination and sportsmanship among all archers. It was a blessing to have our community come together to support our youth. Thank you to everyone involved for making this event a success,” stated parent of Elementary archer, Landon Tyler.

Hawthorne Christian Academy coach, Shirley Hall stated, “The SC S3DA Indoor State Championship event was a blessing to me. Seeing all the youth learn the sport of archery, their focus and determination and achievement of goals, along with a camaraderie with other youth from around the state just proves with a little guidance, self-confidence and self-image is achieved in all of our youth.”

SC S3DA State Coordinator, Sheila Tadlock stated, “We were very honored to have several community leaders attend the event. We would like to thank Sheriff Max Dorsey, SC House Representative Randy Ligon, Chester Fire Department Captain Riley Cloud, Emmanuel College Head Archery Coach, John Winchester, Saluda Trail Middle School Teacher Robin Madden, Retired US Army Chief Warrant Officer Doug Cruickshank, and CN2 News Reporter Rachel Richardson. Our archers had 30 minutes to instruct our community leaders before they competed in the indoor tournament. South Carolina would like to send a special thank you to Rock Hill’s Texas Roadhouse for awarding $15.00 gift certificates to our community leaders. This year has been an amazing journey and it could not have happened without so many volunteers, coaches, and sponsors donating their time, effort, and resources to make this possible.”


Emmanuel College, Union College, and the University of Montevallo provided college scholarship certificates to each of the podium finishers. Martin Archery Next Generation Youth Archery Program presented two S3DA archers with “Martin Bucks” as a part of their contingency program. Ethan Todd shoots a Martin Axxon 39 Compoung Bow in the HS Bowhunter Male Division and was awarded $300 for his second-place finish. Maddie Tadlock shoots a Martin Haze Compound Bow in the MS Female Open Division and was awarded $250 for her second-place finish.

Benjamin May has been named as S3DA West Virginia State Coordinator. As State Coordinator, Ben will oversee the development and operations of S3DA within West Virginia, including educating and recruiting parties interested in forming new S3DA clubs and teams, coordinating with the Regional Coordinators and when possible attending and assisting with National S3DA events. Ben learned about S3DA through Eric Shock, former WV State Coordinator and he is very excited to take on the NEW role of State Coordinator.

Ben was born in Morgantown, West Virginia and currently resides there. He started shooting a bow and arrow when he was 8 years old and began bowhunting when he was 12. Benjamin’s father had a passion for bowhunting, and he feels that passion was passed on to him as he has since become a very accomplished bowhunter. He has been successful in taking a Pope & Young white-tailed buck on public land and has even taken a very nice antelope in Wyoming. Ben has diligently made efforts to build a similar archery foundation for his two sons. Both of his sons are successful bowhunters (having taken deer with a bow and arrow) as well. Ben states, “My dad was a very positive influence in my bowhunting interests as he would always make sure I had quality gear and he would take me out to hunt every chance he had.”

May has worked hard to learn the fundamental archery skills needed to be competitive at State and National Tournaments. He has won several State Championships and placed very high at some National Tournaments. Ben takes pride in being able to pass the skills that he has taught himself down to his two children and the S3DA team that he currently coaches.

Benjamin May said that he became interested in S3DA, because his children were curious about archery. They wanted to have the opportunity to be on an archery team, but there was not one available in the region where they live. Ben said that when Eric Shock presented the S3DA club opportunity to them, his kids were very excited to have the opportunity to participate on an archery team and that he was excited as well.

Ben said that recently the West Virginia Secondary Schools Athletic Commission (WVSSAC) adopted archery as a sanctioned school sport in the state of West Virginia. Ben feels this was great because any growth for the sport of archery provides kids more opportunities from your typical club/team sports where you must depend on others to win, whereas with archery the result generally depends on you as an individual. However, many youth archers in West Virginia have their own archery equipment and cannot participate in the school programs due to the equipment restrictions. May said this was the biggest feature that caught his eye with S3DA, because the S3DA model has standardized the tournament format instead of restricting equipment. This opens a much broader avenue for kids to participate in the sport.

Spencer Sports Center at Wabash Valley College is no stranger to some amazing athletes, but it looked a little different recently, as the center was host to the Illinois S3DA Indoor State Archery Championship. The Wabash Bowhunters S3DA Team coordinated the event with the help of Illinois State Coordinator, Jim Sharp and the Illinois S3DA Regional Coordinators. With over six hundred plus spectators, the facility was filled with nearly one hundred fifty competitors from nine clubs and eight teams.

State Representative, Darren Bailey opened the event with prayer. Darren stated, “I was amazed to see the level of participation from both students and volunteers. I am happy to see the sport of archery in our schools. What better way is there to exemplify our freedom as Americans.”

Archers from all over the state of Illinois competed in their respective class and age divisions. High school winners were awarded scholarships from several different colleges and universities. Illinois S3DA helped facilitate the distribution of over $3.5 million in potential college scholarships for this event alone.

S3DA coach Earl Lawrence stated, “It is great to not only be able to promote the sport that I love, but to see these kids get an opportunity to compete on a collegiate level and further their education. It would have been a wonderful opportunity to have a program like this when I was a child.”

Illinois State Coordinator, Jim Sharp said the program in Illinois continues to grow and he is very excited to see the outcome of the 3-D and Outdoor Target 2020 season.