Mantis Archery Sponsors Scholastic 3-D Archery

Scholastic 3-D Archery is excited to announce Mantis Archery as their latest bronze level sponsor. Mantis Archery will be providing S3DA members a discount on an unparalleled piece of technology, the Mantis X8. The Mantis X8 is a data-driven device that you attach to your bow (with the included universal adapter) to analyze movement patterns. Most archers attach the device to the side of the riser. While attached to any bow, the Mantis X8 will evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track the movement of your bow through the entire shot process.

S3DA Executive Director Jennie Richardson stated, “It’s refreshing to see the manufacturers have recognized the serious athletes who comprise our S3DA shooting teams. These athletes are looking for the best equipment, coaching and training materials out there. Mantis will do very well in S3DA with our beginning to advanced archers both as a training tool and a skill building device.”


Sheuna Battle, Mantis X Sales Rep, stated, “Mantis is honored and excited to partner with S3DA coaches and athletes. Mantis will help athletes visualize movement during their shot process. Our app interactively overlays shot traces in a groundbreaking way. Coaches and athletes can use this data to diagnose form issues and reinforce techniques and fundamentals in training or tournaments.”

Mantis is planning to contribute to several regional and state competitions and will feature a Mantis X8 in the raffle to be held at the S3DA 3-D National Championship on July 23rd-26th, 2020 in London, Kentucky. Mantis is currently working with the S3DA National Staff to conduct training sessions for S3DA members interested in learning about the product.