Last Chance Archery continues sponsorship for S3DA

Last Chance Archery continues to sponsor S3DA™ and their mission to foster, educate, and guide youth in the areas of indoor target, 3-D and outdoor target archery as well as safe, ethical bowhunting practices. Last Chance Archery is a family-owned company where the extended family works, plays and worships together. Last Chance Archery and S3DA™ share a common goal in uniting friends and families in the sport of archery. Last Chance Archery was established in 2004 and is located in a small town in northern Georgia. When Last Chance Archery opened their doors, the goal was to create products that made tuning fast, simple and EZ. Since that time, the company has expanded to offer some of the best archery products on the market.

CEO, Leon Pittman, started Last Chance Archery in 2004, in a small town in northern Georgia, with the purpose to build the Power Press. After a while, he realized the Power Press was far in advance compared to other presses on the market. Now, Last Chance Archery offers close to ten different versions from a standard EZ Green Press to an Ultimate EZ Deluxe model. The company makes a series of electric-operated and hand-crank bow presses. They stand by the motto, “One Chance, One Moment, One Shot”.

“We’re honored to support S3DA™ and their mission. One of our goals at LCA is to help introduce the next generation to hunting or tournament archery year after year. Partnering with S3DA™ plays a huge role in us accomplishing that goal. S3DA™ is hands down one of the best organizations within the archery industry for introducing our next generation to the great sport of archery,” stated Jonathan Clark, Last Chance Archery Media/Marketing Director.

Last Chance Archery provides S3DA™ members discounts on a variety of products, such as bow presses, bow vises, draw boards, fletching tools, and electronic bow / arrow scales. If you are an S3DA™ member and would like more information about the discounted products, contact Kayla Bolton.