KY Hosts 1st S3DA 3D Regional of 2017

Boyd County High School was the site of the first Kentucky 3D tournament of the 2017 outdoor season. One hundred sixty four young archers along with many parents, grandparents and friends braved the less than ideal weather conditions to attend the 2017 Eastern Kentucky 3D Regional Tournament.

The outdoor 3D tournament season seems to be following the same pattern as our indoor 5 spot season by more than doubling the number of archers competing. This tournament last year held at a later date had approximately 78 archers.  “The rapid growth of this program in Kentucky and the anticipated number of archers per tournament has forced us to step back and make some adjustments in planning and carrying out our outdoor tournament season.” says Kentucky State Coordinator Chris McDonald.

As archers hit the two ranges for competition on Saturday most didn’t seem to mind the much cooler temperatures, breezy wind and drizzling rain. “When you shoot archery in Kentucky you just need to be prepared for any kind of weather,” said S3DA archer Blake Groce as he showed me the “hot hands” he had tucked away in the pocket of his hoodie. The Boyd County High School concession stand volunteers were also well prepared for the cooler temps. They had plenty of coffee and hot chocolate along with a wide variety of warm foods to keep everyone full.

“The first tournament of any season is always the most difficult. There are so many changes these young archers face and have to adjust to going from the indoor season to the outdoor season. All of the archers I observed at this tournament seem to have made the transition with great ease,” stated Kristi Wilson, Daviess Co. Coach and S3DA Volunteer.

This tournament placements:

Elem. Female Fixed Pins: 1st Landrey Prewitt, 2nd Braedyn Strebeck, 3rd Hailey Biggs.

Elem. Female Traditional: 1st Isabelle Moore, 2nd Mary Jurus, 3rd Anya Carson

Elem. Male Fixed Pins: 1st Ethan Partin, 2nd Rylan Long, 3rd Brody Shelton

Elem. Male Open: 1st Landyn Cox, 2nd Tanner Willis, 3rd Elijah Cook

Elem Male Olympic Rec.: 1st Ethan Williams

Elem. Male Traditional: 1st Ethan Fields, 2nd Caden Goodman, 3rd Jason Purvis

Middle Female Fixed Pins: 1st A.K. Warren, 2nd Harley Wilson, 3rd Savannah Philpot

Middle Female Open: 1st Madison Marcum, 2nd Serena Witt

Middle School Female Olympic Rec: 1st Natalie Williams

Middle School Female Traditional: 1st Audrey Routte, 2nd Rickalyn Raybourn, 3rd Shelby Russell

Middle School Male Fixed Pins: 1st Kenton Banks, 2nd Brayden Upchurch, 3rd Shane Truett

Middle School Male Open: 1st Chase Morris, 2nd Jordan Isaacs, 3rd Dave Hast

Middle School Male Traditional: 1st Nate Jarobe, 2nd Lucas Wheatley, 3rd Hayden Waugh

High School Female Fixed Pins: 1st Katie Hemmann, 2nd Bailee Jones, 3rd Kensley Redmon

High School Female Open: 1st Natalie Brockman, 2nd Kaylee Brown, 3rd Bethany Groce

High School Female Traditional: 1st Taylor Middleton, 2nd Danielle Underwood

High School Male Fixed Pins: 1st C J Jones, 2nd Blake Boyd, 3rd Brandon Whitt

High School Male Open: 1st Jase Boils, 2nd Josh Isaacs, 3rd Jimmy Gibson

High School Male Traditional: 1st Kody Kline, 2nd Darrell Turner, 3rd Tristan Kitchen


School Team Awards:

Middle School Teams: 1st West Carter

High School Team Awards: 1st Boyd County High, 2nd Daviess County High, 3rd West Carter

Club Awards:

Elementary School Club: 1st Impact Archery, 2nd Central Kentucky Nock Busters

High School Club: 1st Central Kentucky Nock Busters


-Stacy Groce

Media Specialist