Kentucky S3DA Hosts 3D Regional Qualifier

Daviess County Gun Club located in Maceo, Kentucky, minutes from Downtown Owensboro, recently hosted the Kentucky S3DA Owensboro Archery Club 3D Regional Tournament. Over two-hundred archers representing 18 S3DA Teams from across the state of Kentucky met to compete and qualify for the Kentucky S3DA 3D State Championship coming up in June in London, Kentucky. Archers definitely brought their best game as there were two shoot-offs to determine podium placement. This was Daviess County Gun Club’s second year hosting the 3D regional qualifier and the largest attendance to date. Cedarstix Archery and Outdoors donated a Mathews V3X for a raffle.

Kentucky S3DA Regional Coordinator and Owensboro Archery Club Coach, Adam Logsdon stated, “We had the largest turnout to date – post covid and it was great to see everyone come out. We had a few archers that shot from a new team that just joined the program, Ohio County Archery Club. I love seeing the archery community grow throughout the state and it makes me excited for the future of the program.”

Stella Dowdy, an archer from Western Kentucky Bowhunters has been participating in S3DA for two years now. Stella began shooting between 6 to 7 years old in the program at her church. Stella said, “I really enjoyed the course this weekend and I want to shoot it again. A few of the shots were hard, especially target #20. The shot was twenty yards, and the deer was located over a little rise in a hill. You couldn’t see the legs of the deer, which made the target appear more difficult. I felt confident with my range finder, and though the target made me nervous, it didn’t affect my overall score. I did well enough to take first place within my division.”

“I loved how the course was set-up. I liked how we had uphill and downhill shots and how the yardages were spread out. Having the targets spread out like they were provides not only a tough competition but prepares us for 3D events on down the road,” stated Annabell Jackson, a youth archer from Owensboro Archery Club.

For more information on Kentucky Scholastic 3D Archery, be sure to check out the Facebook page here.