Kentucky S3DA 3-D State Championship

Sunshine, clear skies and warm temperatures! That was the kind of weather Kentucky archers were happy to see on Saturday, May 20, as they competed in the Kentucky State 3D Tournament. “These archers aren’t going to know how to handle a range without mud, rain and cold temperatures.”

The 2017 Kentucky 3D State Tournament reached another record total of 300 competing archers and was held at the Pulaski County Park in Nancy, Ky. Finding a space to accommodate 300 archers is a task and finding a space to accommodate all of the parents, grandparents and other spectators is even more of a task. Pulaski County Park includes approximately 800 acres which includes rental cabins, campsites, boat ramps, hiking and biking trails, 2 disc golf courses, 2 playgrounds and much more. “This new location was great with future potential with growth,” stated Kentucky State coordinator Chris McDonald.

Each range, elementary, middle, and high school was set in a unique location in the park and each had its own challenges. Having each range separate made it more enjoyable for the spectators with less congestion. It also gave each group of archers their “own space” in a sense. “If they missed on the elementary range there’s a good chance they may not get their arrow back because it most likely ended up in the water,” Randy Philpot.   The middle school range had some extreme downhill shots. “Well, they disappeared down in that dark hole. I think there’s a target in there somewhere,” said one of the middle school spectators. While the middle school range had downhill shots the high school range consisted of almost all extreme uphill shots. “The state tournament is always a challenge and this one was no different but I enjoyed it,” said high school archer Bethany Groce. “It challenged us to think about our shot and put our knowledge to work.” “It’s been great to see the progression the kids have made over the past few months,” McDonald stated.

The 2017 outdoor season has sure presented its own set of challenges, some good challenges and some not so good challenges. Increasing numbers of archers is always a great challenge to face but Mother Nature and weather is one of those not so great challenges.   It certainly takes a team of people that are willing to put in some long hours to make a season run smoothly. “I would like to thank all of our coaches and volunteers that help make Kentucky S3DA possible,” Chris McDonald.

As the 2017 Kentucky S3DA 3D season comes to a close planning for the next season is already in progress.

2017 Kentucky State 3D Tournament Results:

School Team Awards:

High School: 1st Apollo, 2nd Daviess County, 3rd Boyd County

Middle School: 1st College View, 2nd Daviess County, 3rd West Carter

Club Team Awards:

High School: 1st CK Nock Busters

Middle School: 1st Impact Archery

Elementary: 1st CK Nock Busters, 2nd Impact Archery

Individual Awards:

High School Male Open: 1st Jase Boils, 2nd Tanner Barker, 3rd Jimmy Gibson

High School Male Pins: 1st Elliott Cross, 2nd Aaron Adams, 3rd Lucas Gillaspie

High School Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Robert Dick

High School Male Traditional: 1st Kody Kline, 2nd Darrell Turner, 3rd Tristan Kitchens

High School Female Open: 1st Kaylee Brown, 2nd Natalie Brockman, 3rd Meg Curtis

High School Female Pins: 1st Gertie Heavner, 2nd Holly Armstrong, 3rd Taylor Adkinson

High School Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Olivia Harner

High School Female Traditional: 1st Danielle Underwood, 2nd Taylar Middleton, 3rd Cambron Johnson

Middle School Male Open: 1st Grayson Montgomery, 2nd Tucker Strong, 3rd Asa Flowers

Middle School Male Pins: 1st Kenton Banks, 2nd Shane Truett, 3rd Jerrad Brown

Middle School Male Traditional: 1st Nate Jarboe, 2nd Lucas Wheatley, 3rd Jack Haley

Middle School Female Open: 1st Tyra McWilliams, 2nd Serena Witt

Middle School Female Pins: 1st Madison Richardson, 2nd Harley Wilson, 3rd AK Warren

Middle School Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Natalie Williams

Middle School Female Traditional: 1st Rickalyn Raybourn, 2nd Audrey Routte, 3rd Raelei Wallace

Elementary Male Open: 1st Tanner Willis, 2nd Landyn Cox, 3rd Elijah Cook

Elementary Male Pins: 1st Michael Prince, 2nd Bently Boils, 3rd Rylan Long

Elementary Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Ethan Williams

Elementary Male Traditional: 1st Addan Witt, 2nd Jason Purvis, 3rd Ethan Fields

Elementary Female Pins: 1st Becky Heavner, 2nd Landrey Prewitt, 3rd Audrey Kaylor

Elementary Female Traditional: 1st Isabella Moore, 2nd Mary Jurus, 3rd Anya Carson


-Stacy Groce

Media Specialist