Indiana S3DA 3-D State Championship

Indiana held their 3-D State Championship on May 20th 2017. It was held at Pinehill Archery Club in Danville, Indiana. With a scheduled start time of 12 noon, Mother Nature decided to have other plans. It started raining and lightening around 10:30am and did not stop until almost 2:00pm. Finally after a lengthy delay and a couple inches of rain, the officials were finally able to get the 233 kids out on the range.

Despite the delay, the kids were ready and it showed in their scores. Several classes were decided by just a point or 2, as well as some shooter-of-the-year standings.
We put in a lot of time and effort preparing for this tournament, and other than the rain delay it went very well,”  said Jay Morris of Pinehill Archery Club.
Indiana has had a great indoor and 3D season and is looking forward to their Outdoor Target Championship in July.
Complete results can be found here: