Illinois S3DA Hosts Indoor Regional

Illinois S3DA recently held an Indoor Regional at the White County Archery Range in Carmi, Illinois. More than 60 archers from 3 clubs and 7 teams were present for the event. Two elementary archers, one middle school archer and five high school archers ended the day with a score of 150.

White County Archery, Jalyn Shoemaker stated, “I think the shoot went very well. We had a big turnout with a lot of new shooters. I got to shoot with some new people that I had never got to shoot with before, so I was a little nervous but overall excited. It was a great experience shooting with new people because I learned some new things from them, and I made more friends.”

“There was a great show of support by several regional archery clubs, friends and relatives. It is exciting to see the sport growing all across the nation. I am super proud of the great talent and sportsmanship that was displayed at our event,” stated White County Archery Coach, Dave Marshall.