Illinois S3DA Adds More Regional Coordinators

Illinois S3DA continues to build their program by bringing on new regional coordinators with extensive knowledge of archery and conservation. Illinois S3DA is currently broken down into six regions and with the addition of these regional coordinators, there will now be representatives in four of the six regions. Illinois S3DA State Coordinator, Jim Sharp has selected three highly qualified candidates to serve as regional coordinators and will be looking for at least two additional regional coordinators to have complete regional coverage of the state.

Jim Sharp and Illinois S3DA are proud to announce that Scott Fiala, Donnie Millenbine, and Jeff Hudgens have been selected as Regional Coordinators.

  • Scott Fiala along with his wife, Kendra, and their two kids, Zeppelyn and Zane currently reside in Enfield, Illinois. Scott is an active coach for N.C.O.E. and White County Archery and both of his kids currently compete for the S3DA team N.C.O.E. Scott is an avid hunter and has participated for many years in NFAA, IBO, and ASA competitions. For 12 years, Scott was part owner and operator of a local archery pro shop and indoor range. Scott has years of experience and enjoys helping young archers learn more about the sport of archery. When Scott was asked about becoming an Illinois Regional Coordinator, he jumped at the idea to spread the word about archery and how it could affect the younger generation. He thought that a program where you can earn scholarships to shoot archery was a great way to further a kid’s education while giving them the opportunity to shoot their bow.
  • Donnie Millenbine has been active in archery since his teenage years. He is currently forty-one and now married to his wife, Sarah, with two children Mallorie and Trevor. Donnie is blessed with a family that loves the outdoors, but especially archery. Together, they chase whitetails around Hamilton County, enjoying their time in the woods or traveling to participate in an archery tournament. Donnie is an S3DA coach for Hamilton County Fox Archery, the current Head Coach for the Rend Lake College Archery Team, and a certified USA Archery Level 2 Instructor. Donnie said, “Archery is one of the few sports that can stick with someone for a lifetime, through competition and conservation. I have also witnessed first-hand how this sport can fund any student’s dream to compete at the collegiate level, through scholarships.”
  • Jeff Hudgens has been in the Forestry Division for thirty plus years. He started bowhunting and bowfishing when he was twelve and fell in love with the broad range of activities that the great outdoors provides. He started competing in archery tournaments in 2012 and then began coaching 4-H and S3DA. Jeff is an S3DA Advanced Instructor and certified USA Archery Level 3 Instructor. Jeff looks to educate people across his region about the importance of conservation and the S3DA program.

“I am very excited to see where the changes and growth will take us as we are hosting events across the state nearly every weekend and we continue to promote our Illinois S3DA Scholarship program, “ Jim Sharp said.