Hoyt Archery Commits to S3DA Sponsorship

Scholastic 3D Archery announces Hoyt Archery as their latest Silver Level Sponsor. Hoyt Archery and S3DA share a common goal of creating well-rounded archers from the archery range to the woods. S3DA focuses on youth participation in archery while at the same time encouraging all family members to get involved, which goes hand in hand with the mission of Hoyt Archery, that archery is a perfect family activity. S3DA archers across the United States are showcasing their Hoyt Archery compound and recurve bows at regional, state, and national competitions as well as in the field for conservation activities and contests. S3DA is thrilled about this sponsorship with Hoyt Archery and looks forward to working in conjunction with Hoyt Archery for many years to come. S3DA, in conjunction with Hoyt Archery, hopes to continue providing a well-rounded program that Earl Hoyt Sr., would be proud of for years to come.

Hoyt Archery has been an industry leader and world-renowned brand in archery and bowhunting since 1931. Hoyt Archery started in 1931 in a garage in St. Louis, Missouri. Today, the world headquarters are located in a 150,000 square foot building in Salt Lake City, Utah, where high performance archery products, including Olympic Recurves, Target Compounds, Hunting Compounds, Trad bows, and accessories are made and distributed around the world.

Hoyt Archery wants to be involved with the S3DA organization to continue the growth and bring more kids and families into archery and bowhunting. If the number of participants in archery and bowhunting grows, the whole industry becomes more healthy and more profitable, including Hoyt. Hoyt Archery, Director of Marketing, Jeremy Eldredge stated, “It’s been amazing to watch S3DA’s growth since it began only a few years ago. The network of coaches and volunteers who dedicate their time to helping youth find success in archery is incredible. We are grateful to join S3DA as a corporate sponsor and look forward to a long partnership with them as they continue to grow and provide a platform for youth and families to get outside and enjoy archery in the outdoors.”

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To learn more about Hoyt Archery, please go to https://hoyt.com/.