The Scholastic 3-D Archery program was started in December of 2012. This program was started to foster, educate and guide youth in the areas of 3-D, Indoor and Outdoor Target Archery, as well as safe, ethical bow-hunting practices.

Scholastic 3-D Archery, known as S3DA, was created by a group of leaders in the archery industry who realized there was a large gap between basic introductory archery programs and the next-step training initiatives that students are looking for.  A key facet of the S3DA program is the partnerships between the Archery Shooters Association (ASA), National Field Archery Association (NFAA) and the USA Archery Association (USA Archery).

S3DA is a non-profit organization with numerous corporate sponsors.  S3DA has an ever-expanding, diverse group of local, regional, state and national organizations, archery manufacturers, archery shops, trade groups, etc., who are interested in youth outdoor education and support S3DA.  The driving force behind the growth of the program has been derived from many different facets, including the R3 program, Fish & Wildlife agencies, Dep. of Natural Resources agencies and interested parties across the nation.

Please see How To Guide – “How much is S3DA Membership & Service Fees”.

To be a coach in the S3DA Organization, any interested party must attend and complete the Basic Instructor Training Class. (*NOTE: You must be 18 years of age or older). After completing the class, coach membership and background check fees MUST BE PAID.
A list of Basic and Advanced Instructor classes will be posted on the S3DA Event Calendar. If an Instructor course cannot be located in your immediate area, please contact the National S3DA Office Staff.

Basic 3-D Archery Instructor Training is $80. (This is paid to the instructor of the class).
Advanced 3-D Instructor Training is $150. (This is paid to the instructor of the class).
Modified Instructor Training is $25. This class is offered online and is ONLY AVAILABLE for USA Archery Level 2 or Above Instructors.

  • Secure location, time and date of training
  • Complete training template (Please see How To Conduct a Basic or Advanced Instructor Course Training Class under How To Guides)
  • Send template to National Outreach Director, State Coordinator (state where the training is being held) & Membership Services Manager (Holly Helton).

After following the steps listed above, someone will be in contact with you regarding the training.

Grants are available!  There are many different grants that vary across the states.
For National S3DA Grants, there is programs such as: Bushnell, Duck Dynasty Family, Leupold & Stevens, Realtree, Gander Mountain Donations Team and Stewart J. Rahr Foundation. Contact the S3DA National Office for more information.

Students love S3DA because S3DA does not require any specific equipment to participate in the program. S3DA standardizes the tournament format instead of the equipment involved. Students can choose to shoot any bow, sight, stabilizer, release, etc., that they want as long as they are within the rules for their shooting division and class.  A lot of students in the S3DA program are home-schooled. Many students enjoy S3DA because it gives them more time with their friends and family.

How To Guides

Scholastic 3-D Archery – Changing archery one smile…one student…one archer at a time!

S3DA has expanded the program to offer NFAA Indoor and Outdoor Target competition formats. S3DA has received support from the Pope & Young Club, Archery Trade Association, Cabela’s Outdoor Fund and many of our own industry leaders. If you are interested in becoming a member, becoming a coach, starting a club/team or just want to inquire more information about the program, check out the How To Guides that are displayed below. If you have any questions, please be sure to fill out the form at the bottom of the page. The S3DA National Office can provide marketing materials for further information on our program upon request.




PLEASE be aware that if you have a login to your S3DA Sport:80 profile and you notice that your information is incorrect when you first log-in, please make the appropriate changes so the information is accurate.  If you are not familiar with the S3DA Sport:80 platform, please be sure to use the support feature with handy FAQs and self help guides, if possible.  We are currently working on Sport:80 How To Guides for Membership and Events, which will be available with the other guides listed above as soon as completed. 

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