S3DA Executive Director, Holly Helton

Phone: 606-627-5545
E-mail: holly@s3da.org

Holly manages the day-to-day operational and systematic functions of the program’s activities to ensure effectiveness and efficiency. The S3DA National Office Staff reports directly to Holly, whom reports to the S3DA Board of Directors. As the Executive Director, Holly is responsible for specific tasks, which include, but are not limited to accounting, bookkeeping, financial reports, budgets, sponsoring organization contracts, and  tournament/event coordination. Holly manages all aspects of the S3DA Sport:80 Membership Services platform and encourages anyone that has an S3DA Sport:80 membership-related question to contact her via e-mail: holly@s3da.org.

Holly Helton is an avid hunter and conservationist. With Holly’s personal background, she currently serves on the S3DA Conservation Committee and works directly with the National Conservation Coordinator, Robert Dunaway.

S3DA Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, Kayla Bolton

Phone: 423-494-2204
E-mail: kayla@s3da.org

Kayla is developing and managing ALL S3DA social media platforms, as well as maintaining and updating the S3DA website. Kayla has brought more brand awareness to S3DA by developing individual State S3DA logos and Facebook pages. More than 30 states now have ACTIVE S3DA Facebook pages and those numbers continue to grow as NEW State Coordinators, coaches and teams are becoming members of S3DA across the United States.

As the Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, Kayla creates marketing and recruitment materials (brochures, pamphlets, flyers, newsletters, event guides, etc.) for Scholastic 3-D Archery. She will provide e-blasts, discounts, contest information, and sponsor-related content to ALL S3DA members that have an ACTIVE S3DA membership via the sport management platform Sport:80.

Kayla works directly with the National Outreach Coordinator as a liaison for S3DA Staff and State Coordinators. She provides an extra layer of communication between the National to State level. Kayla currently manages all aspects of the S3DA Sport:80 Event platform and creates and updates National Events, while working with State Coordinators to create and update state and regional events. Anyone that has an S3DA Sport:80 event-related question is encouraged to contact Kayla by e-mail: kayla@s3da.org.

S3DA Program & Event Support Coordinator, Amanda Long

Phone: 606-524-3685
E-mail: amandas3da@gmail.com

Amanda has been involved with S3DA for several years and is familiar with all aspects of the program. She plays an essential role in the overall execution of the mission of S3DA on both the program and event side. Some of her responsibilities include coordinating registration and scoring for all S3DA National Events as well as assisting with the planning and execution of those events including travel and hotel accommodations, promotion, and contest initiatives. Amanda is a team-oriented player and provides additional support for ALL the S3DA National Office staff. She assists the Executive Director with Member Services, including Sport:80 support tickets, coach and student questions, and various membership renewal issues. She continually assists the Social Media & Marketing Coordinator with S3DA promotional items, flyers, press releases, and sharing sponsor-related content. With Amanda’s help, S3DA has more prominence on social media and people across the national are getting a response to their questions in a timely manner, often within minutes.

Communications & Member Services, Madison Cox

E-mail: madison@s3da.org

Madison assists with general office duties as well as membership services, national outreach, marketing and communications, and event management. Madison educates new members on how to set-up their Sport:80 profile and navigate the platform while updating NEW teams to the website and helping existing S3DA members with any issues they may encounter. Madison works with Holly to manage the S3DA Sport:80 Membership Services platform. Madison graduated from Jackson County High School in June 2019 and is currently a sophomore continuing her education at the University of the Cumberlands. Madison is an ambitious full-time student pursuing a Business Administration and Strategic Communications degree. Along with being a full-time student, Madison is balancing being a member of the University of the Cumberlands archery team and working part-time for S3DA.

S3DA Conservation Coordinator, Patty Reel

Phone: 864-933-6962
E-mail: bkrplr1@gmail.com

Patty will work closely with National Conservation partnering organizations, establish a network of State Conservation Coordinators across the United States, provide virtual or in-person hunting seminars, manage conservation-related activities at S3DA National events, and assist with the implementation of conservation practices at the State and Regional level to guide youth, along with their families and friends, into a lifetime of enjoyment in the outdoors. Patty has been a part of the hunting industry since 2014. She currently holds several staff positions with Prois, Lumenok, Black Widow Deer Lures, and Fishhunter Enterprise. She is a certified Fresh Water Fishing Instructor for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Her passion is mentoring on fishing trips and hunts.

S3DA National Competition Coordinator, Chris McDonald

Phone: 606-219-2397
E-mail: chris.mcdonald@s3da.org

Chris has been involved with S3DA from the very inception of the program. He is familiar with all aspects of the program but currently serves as the National Competition Coordinator and will assist with planning and execution of all S3DA National Tournaments and serves on the S3DA Rules Committee.

S3DA National Outreach Coordinator, Kristi Wilson

Phone: 270-929-5339
E-mail: outreachs3da@gmail.com

Kristi, along with her children, has been involved in the S3DA program since 2013. As a family, they practice ethical hunting and harvesting during appropriate seasons and implement deer management practices and herd health on their properties all year long. Kristi has a background in coaching children, educating others on the fundamentals of archery and encouraging success through patience and hard work. She offers the youth in her archery club the opportunity to have a guided bow hunt on their personal property if they want to experience hunting and if the children do not have the land available to do so themselves. She has been actively involved with the KY S3DA program since 2015 when she started an archery program in the local high school.

She started volunteering with the KY S3DA program and gained a wealth of knowledge over time. She accepted the position of KY State Coordinator in 2019 and gained even more knowledge as to what it takes to keep a state S3DA program running from the inside out. Kristi says “It takes a village to run a state and I have learned that it requires a good core group of volunteers and sponsors to make that happen. It also takes knowledge of the program as a whole and how things need to be done across the board to make the program run as smoothly as possible and to achieve the growth that we need to.” Kristi brings a wealth of knowledge about facility management, documentation requirements and schedule oversight. She is familiar with all S3DA rules and regulations and is willing to help with coaching techniques and strategies.

Kristi will act as a liaison and facilitate communication and teamwork between S3DA State Coordinators across the country and the S3DA National Office.

S3DA Northeastern National Outreach Coordinator, Bob Gattorna

Phone: 860-543-2486
E-mail: reg4jr@yahoo.com

Bob assists with all S3DA National Tournaments and acts as a liaison for the state and regional officials (in the northeast) and the S3DA National Office. As the Northeastern National Outreach Coordinator, Bob is looking to help with the growth and development of S3DA in the New England area. He currently oversees thirteen (13) states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region. If you reside in the New England area (CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME) or these NE/Mid-Atlantic states (NY, DE, VA) and need more information on S3DA, please contact Bob.

Bob Gattorna currently resides in Enfield, Connecticut.  He became interested in archery at the age of nine when he was given a fiberglass recurve as a birthday gift and the interest blossomed from there. In high school, Bob took his hunter education class and started out small game hunting. He enjoyed it so much that he began deer hunting with a shotgun, eventually buying his first compound bow, which provided him the opportunity to be in the woods even more. Gattorna is a certified Archery Technician (helping at shops and shows) and current Pro Staff for PSE Archery and Mossy Oak.  He is the Vice President of the Northeast Championship Series (NECS) which was organized in 2013 by a group of archers throughout the Northeast to promote archery and specifically competitive 3-D archery.  Bob enjoys working with youth and introducing them to the sport of archery and hunting.

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