Ready to Start Your Collegiate Archery Experience?

USA Archery is the National Governing Body for the Olympic and Paralympic sport of archery. The organization offers extensive archery programming opportunities, one of which is the Collegiate Archery Program. USA Archery’s Collegiate Archery Program is a program for students enrolled in a college or university and is a great opportunity for Scholastic 3-D archers to continue their archery journey beyond high school! Eligible participants can enjoy the sport recreationally or actively prepare for local, regional, national and international collegiate archery events, including Collegiate Target Nationals, Collegiate 3-D Nationals and World University Games and World University Championships. Nationwide, many schools offer archery programs as a varsity sport, official university club, or student organization on campus.  The Collegiate Archery Program offers barebow, recurve, compound and bowhunter divisions.
College scholarships are available!

USA Archery offers an up-to-date listing of current colleges and universities offering an archery program, which also includes contact information for team leaders. USA Archery can also help students start an archery program if they choose a school that does not yet have a team in place. For more information and inquiries, please contact or call (719) 866-3452.

S3DA is active across the United States and continuing growth at an unprecedented rate!  As memberships continue to rise, events continue to grow at the regional, state and national level.  Many colleges and universities that offer archery scholarships send scholarship certificates to S3DA state and national events for podium finishers. College and university coaches are present at S3DA National Events and ACTIVELY RECRUITING S3DA archers!

Some of the colleges listed below offer archery scholarships. You can cross-reference the information below with the USA Archery website here.

S3DA 2020 Senior Tribute

S3DA 2021 Senior Tribute

Archery College Scholarships

There are a number of archery scholarships now handed out by various schools and private organizations. There are at least three areas of special interest pertaining to the art of shooting a bow: it is viewed as a competitive sport, as a style of hunting, and also as a traditional woodsman’s skill, part of the Native American legacy.

For more information on scholarship organizations, please click on the links provided below.