Central KY S3DA 3-D Regional

Central Kentucky 3D Regional

Green River State Park

May 6, 2017

RAIN, RAIN and yes you guessed it…lots and lots of mud! This seems to be the trend for the Kentucky S3DA 3D outdoor season! Daviess County Coach and Volunteer Mike Wilson describes this season as the “S3DA 3D Mudfest 17!” Saturday’s 9am flight time archers had to deal with steady rain and temperatures in the low 40’s. “We can’t seem to catch a break from the rain,” was stated by several early morning archers.

Between flight times two tractors spent time pulling several stuck vehicles out of the parking area and some were pulled into a better parking area.

By the 1pm flight time the rain had slowed to a drizzle but the mud seemed to have doubled on the ranges.   A couple of targets required archers to step through mud more than ankle deep and one stake became buried in deep mud. Several archers became stuck and some lost shoes. “I had a good time but I didn’t shoot my best,” said archer Ben Fannin.

Kentucky Regional Coordinator and tournament host, Wes Barker, summed up Saturday’s 3D Regional event with this statement. “Amazing is about the best way to describe the Central Kentucky S3DA Regional! It rained for almost 3 days straight mixed with cold temperatures and we still had 268 archers show up to shoot their bows! That is a true statement to what parents, grandparents and coaches will do for these kids! We only had about 20 vehicles that had to be pulled out with tractors and a hand full of kids that fell in the mud but it was a blast! I can’t wait until state to see what it brings.”

Results for the Central Kentucky 3D Regional:

High School Teams: 1st Boyd County, 2nd Davies County, 3rd McCreary County

High School Clubs: 1st Green River 3D Archery, 2nd Central KY Nock Busters

Middle School Teams: 1st College View, 2nd Daviess County

Middle School Clubs: 1st Central KY Nock Busters

Elementary School Teams: 1st St. James

Elementary School Clubs: 1st Central KY Nock Busters, 2nd Impact Archery

High School Male Open: 1st Brady Hempen, 2nd Jase Boils, 3rd Tanner Barker

High School Male Pins: 1st Brandon Whitt, 2nd C.J. Jones, 3rd Houston Raikes

High School Male Traditional: 1st Kody Kline, 2nd Matthew Miley, 3rd Tyler Younger

High School Olympic Recurve: 1st Robert Dick

High School Female Open: 1st Natalie Brockman, 2nd Meg Curtis, 3rd Kaylee Brown

High School Female Pins: 1st Hallie French, 2nd Katie Hemmann, 3rd Taylor Adkinson

High School Female Traditional: 1st Danielle Underwood, 2nd Cambron Johnson, 3rd Geneva Renshaw

High School Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Olivia Harner

Middle School Male Open: 1st Dave Hast, 2nd Chase Morris, 3rd Tucker Strong

Middle School Male Fixed Pins: 1st Kenton Banks, 2nd Alex Austin, 3rd Cade Crume

Middle School Male Traditional: 1st Nate Jarboe, 2nd Jack Haley, 3rd Lucas Wheatley

Middle School Female Open: 1st Serena Witt

Middle School Female Pins: 1st A K Warren, 2nd Savannah Philpot, 3rd Emilee McFadden

Middle School Female Traditional: 1st Raelei Wallace, 2nd Audrey Routte, 3rd Rickalyn Raybourn

Middle School Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Natalie Williams

Elementary Male Open: 1st Landon Cox, 2nd Tanner Willis, 3rd Elijah Cook

Elementary Male Pins: 1st Bently Boils, 2nd Brody Shelton, 3rd Haden Knoy

Elementary Male Traditional: 1st Trey Stuecker, 2nd Jason Purvis, 3rd Ethan Fields

Elementary Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Ethan Williams

Elementary Female Fixed Pins: 1st Allie Riddle, 2nd Audree Kaylor, 3rd Becky Heavner

Elementary Female Traditional: 1st Mary Jurus, 2nd Erin Riney, 3rd Isabella Moore


Stacy Groce- Media Specialist