How To Become an S3DA Coach

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Anyone looking to help the growth of our sport should consider becoming an S3DA instructor by taking their instructor course. S3DA has expanded their program to also offer NFAA Indoor and Outdoor target competition formats and has received the support of the Pope & Young Club, the Cabela’s Outdoor Fund and many of our own industry leaders.

Start-up equipment kits are available for public and private schools, government agencies and non-profit organizations through Scholastic 3-D Archery. The equipment kits may be purchased at a reduced price thanks to the support and generosity of several archery manufacturers and private donors.

Please note that the equipment purchased through this program is to be used only by the acquiring organization. It is not to be resold, or purchased for the benefit of individuals.

Want To Become A Coach?

We love our coaches!!! Please view our Calendar and see when the next training is being held near you. Continue reading below for more information on trainings and what you need to do.

S3DA Instructor Trainings 

You MUST contact the National S3DA Office prior to holding any Basic Training. The S3DA National Office asks that you please follow-up your trainings with a regional or state coordinator. If you are uncertain as to who your regional or state coordinator is, please follow the link provided or go to the “Coaches tab” and click on “State/Regional Coordinators”.

This is the S3DA Instructor Information and Membership Form that you will be asked to fill out once going through a Basic Training Class. Once you have submitted payment, you will receive insurance for your membership. Insurance is not valid until the e-mail is received.

Background Checks are required. No Background Check form is available online for the safety and privacy of confidential records. S3DA can complete these for $25 and they will remain on file for 3 years from the date of completion. If you need a background check, please contact the S3DA National Office for the form.

After completing the Basic Instructor Training Course, please fill out the survey provided: