How To Become an S3DA Coach

To be a coach in the S3DA Organization, any interested party must attend and complete the Basic Instructor Training Class. After completing the class, coach membership and background check fees MUST BE PAID.

**NOTE: Background Checks are Required. S3DA requires a background check to be kept on file and that you must renew your background check every 3 years for $25. ***You may download the SSCI BACKGROUND CHECK FORM HERE, but for the safety and privacy of confidential records, you cannot submit the SSCI Background Check Form Online. You must send the form to the S3DA National Office or e-mail Holly Helton at

A list of upcoming Basic and Advanced Instructor classes are posted on the S3DA website Calendar. If an instructor course cannot be located in your immediate area, please contact the National Director or the National Outreach Coordinator in your region. The National Outreach Coordinator will follow-up with the State Coordinator, who will work diligently to get an instructor class in your area. Current S3DA National, State and Regional Coordinators are listed on the “Contact” tab under S3DA Coordinators.

If you have already completed the S3DA Basic Instructor Training and all fees are paid, then you are certified to be an S3DA coach. Becoming an instructor allows you to start your own club/team and train students. Due to insurance coverage requirements, an S3DA certified coach MUST be present during any S3DA practice, as well as S3DA club/team events.

Click here “NEW S3DA COACH” to register.

Want To Become A Coach?

We love our coaches!!! Please view our Calendar and see when the next training is being held near you. Continue reading below for more information on S3DA certifications and what you need to do.

Scholastic 3-D Archery – Changing archery one smile…one student…one archer at a time!

Anyone looking to help the growth of archery should consider becoming an S3DA instructor by taking the instructor course. S3DA has expanded their program to also offer NFAA Indoor and Outdoor target competition formats and has received the support of the Pope & Young Club, the Cabela’s Outdoor Fund and many of our own industry leaders.

Once you have been certified to be a Basic Instructor, S3DA would like you to continue your archery training and eventually become an Advanced Instructor. This course is usually taken over two days.

  • USA Archery Level 2 NTS or above can take a modified training class to obtain their Advanced Certification.
  • USA Archery Level 3 and above, with 3-D and hunting experience, can contact the State Coordinator in their region for an abbreviated class. The class will be approximately 2.5 hours and will cover Chapter 1 (Intro to S3DA), Chapter 3 (Set-up 3-D range) and Chapter 11 (Pope & Young Clear Path Bowhunting Initiative).

Becoming an Advanced Instructor will allow you to train Basic Instructors in your state, therefore making you more self-sufficient. To become an Advanced Instructor, you must demonstrate mastery of intermediate archery skills as well as the S3DA curriculum. You must also demonstrate the ability to communicate well and be able to teach large groups in a classroom setting.