Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s Outdoor Fund Continues Support for S3DA™

Williamsburg, KY – Scholastic 3-D Archery is pleased to announce being named a recipient of grant funding from Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund. This support from Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund has allowed S3DA™ to restructure the outreach and communication levels to increase connections, recruitment of new archers and retention of experienced archers, coaches and conservationists at the local and state level.

Guided by the visionary leadership of Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris, the Outdoor Fund empowers Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s 200 million annual customers to support conservation efforts by rounding up their purchases. Rallying passionate customers alongside dedicated team members, industry partners and leading conservation organizations like S3DA™, Bass Pro is creating North America’s largest conservation movement to collectively shape the future of the outdoors and all who love it for generations to come.

S3DA™ focuses on developing young archers with the help and support of a host of conservation partners, which include: Archery Trade Association (ATA), Whitetails Unlimited, the Pope & Young Club and QDMA. Students participating in S3DA™ events are learning life-long skills such as fair-chase and ethical bowhunting, as well as wildlife conservation, which is integral to the development of well-rounded outdoorsmen and women. S3DA™ works with various organizations including the R3 program to actively engage S3DA™ members in recruitment, retention and re-activation. The S3DA™ National Conservation Outreach Coordinator will be working closely with these partners as well as seeking further implementation of conservation practices at the state and regional level to guide the youth as well as their families, friends and local spectators in a lifetime of enjoyment in the outdoors.

Looking forward, S3DA™ is poised to hire a Conservation Outreach Coordinator to further bridge the gap between the competition archery world and the conservation world as well as provide expansion assistance to states in the western United States and needed sustainability to conservation centered S3DA™ clubs nationwide. Scholastic 3-D Archery was founded on the principals of not only archery in general but more specifically, conservation and safe, ethical bowhunting practices. S3DA™ is committed to increasing the recruitment and retention of new hunters and conservationists but also reactivating those who may have dropped off the hunting rolls with an initiative to encourage growth by providing start-up grants for more than one hundred new clubs nationwide.

In conservation circles, Johnny Morris is often referred to as a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt for his leadership, personal commitment and dedication to conservation efforts. Johnny recognized the need for citizens to take a strong position in the careful management and use of our natural resources. Alongside his contributions both in time and resources to significant conservation initiatives, Johnny has empowered passionate Bass Pro and Cabela’s customers to play a role in positively shaping the future of our cherished outdoor traditions.