S3DA Names Adcock Arkansas State Coordinator

Scholastic 3D Archery is pleased to announce Amanda Adcock has been named as the Arkansas State Coordinator. Amanda will oversee the development of the state, divide the state into regions and recruit and hire Regional Coordinators to oversee and manage these individual regions. Amanda’s goal is to get more adults trained to be S3DA coaches to build more S3DA teams across the state. Once the regions and teams are established, S3DA participants will not only shoot archery in their local venues but will have the opportunity to compete against other archers in tournaments across the state. As participation increases, Amanda looks to get more youth involved in shooting at the collegiate level through scholarship opportunities. She would like to get some of the local Arkansas colleges to come out to S3DA events and meet some of the S3DA students at their local archery shops.

Amanda Adcock was born and raised in Northeast Arkansas. She currently resides in a city called Bono, Arkansas with her husband, Shannon and their children. Amanda decided to get more involved with S3DA after her son Gillen joined the program. She enjoys traveling and competing in archery with her family. She is a Co-Coach with Brady Curtis of the S3DA team called Crowley’s Ridge Archers.

Amanda states, “I am excited to educate the youth and their families in our area about the sport of archery. This sport may open a world of opportunities that they are not even aware of. I became involved with S3DA because of my son, and I want all the children within our state to learn about this program and what it has to offer. Archery is something that can pass on from generation to generation and you never really outgrow it. I look forward to growing the Arkansas S3DA program!”

To learn more about Arkansas S3DA, visit the Arkansas S3DA Facebook page or reach out to Amanda Adcock for more information.

S3DA National Championship to Remain at Rend Lake, Illinois

The North Marcum Recreation Area at Rend Lake, Illinois is a beautiful site that offers excellent opportunities to enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, watching wildlife, archery and so much more! This past year, S3DA held their 10th annual 3D National Championship at the North Marcum Recreation Area. Archers and spectators were sent a survey for feedback on the overall event and the majority of attendees enjoyed Rend Lake and wanted to return to the venue. Since the event, the Rend Lake Area Tourism Council and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Rend Lake have worked together with S3DA staff on plans for hosting future 3D National Championship Tournaments.

“The 2022 S3DA National Tournament was the first of its kind to be held at the new North Marcum Archery Complex and Recreation Area, and it was a huge success because of the partnership between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Rend Lake Area Tourism Council, Rend Lake College, and the Rend Lake Conservancy District along with tremendous community support. We are looking forward to the event returning to Rend Lake. It brought thousands of nationwide competitors and their family members, visitors from the local communities, and many vendors to the area and I am confident that it will continue to grow,” stated U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Rend Lake Operations Manager, Jackie Taylor.

Rick Linton, Executive Director-Rend Lake Area Tourism Council stated, “All of our organizations involved with hosting the 2022 S3DA 3D National Championship were extremely impressed with the event and plan to participate again in 2023. The participants and their families were delightful people and seemed very impressed with the Rend Lake venue. We look forward to making their experience even better in 2023.”

S3DA Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, Kayla Bolton said, “During the 3D National Championship this past year, archers and their families were simply amazed at the Rend Lake venue and all the other activities surrounding the event. Multiple times throughout the weekend I heard parents, grandparents, and coaches say how impressed they were and that they couldn’t wait to come back to this venue. This was the first National S3DA event that I have attended where there was abundant wildlife on all the ranges and many of the animals did not leave the ranges even with the archers actively shooting.”

S3DA Partners with Easton Foundations for Target Rental Program

Scholastic 3-D Archery has partnered with the Easton Foundations to release what will be known as the S3DA Equipment “Rent to Own” Target Program. One of the biggest roadblocks when starting a new team with any archery organization is the up-front cost associated with archery targets. Several S3DA teams have expressed interest in purchasing targets and have asked for help or guidance regarding archery equipment and targets since the inception of the program. S3DA and Easton Foundations staff worked together to create the S3DA Equipment “Rent to Own” Target Program to provide S3DA teams the opportunity to ease the initial stress of infrastructure problems.

Easton Foundations – Director of Operations, Carl E. Greene stated, “The Easton Foundations is encouraged to support this program. We recognize one of the hardest parts of starting an archery team is range space and target expense. The rent to own program will allow teams an easier option when getting started.”

The goal of the S3DA Equipment “Rent to Own” Target program is to provide teams access to a starter set of targets for a fraction of the cost up front and the ability to pay them off over monthly installments that could be offset via either fundraising efforts or monthly membership fees. This will allow teams the opportunity to start their team faster than expected and spend more time recruiting members versus finding funding for the initial cost of targets. This pilot program will allow ten selected S3DA teams (only available to new teams or teams that have been with the program for less than a year) the opportunity to choose between three packages for targets that are more specific to their team’s needs. Applications will be accepted until ten teams have been selected for the pilot program. Should any team default their payments and return the targets, they would be sold at a discounted rate to interested parties.

S3DA Executive Director, Holly Helton states, “We have found that some teams prefer to focus on one discipline to begin with while others dive into all three. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a few package options to choose from that would be tailored to their individual needs while keeping the upfront expense as affordable as possible. These kits are each at a $2,500 value which includes the shipping. This is a fantastic opportunity, and we are really excited to partner with Easton Foundations to provide this to our teams.”

This incredible opportunity will not last long so be sure to contact Scholastic 3-D Archery via email (infos3darchery@gmail.com) for more information on this new program!