Last Indoor Regional of South Carolina S3DA 2021 Season

Midlands Archery Center was created to help meet the growing demand for archery in the state of South Carolina. Teresa Deliz is the owner and Head Coach for Midlands Archery Center S3DA Team and she will be quick to tell you that at a time when COVID restrictions are in place and affecting student ability to shoot and compete with their school teams, those students ARE looking for alternate organizations. There seems to be a need for family-friendly activities during the pandemic and for many, S3DA is filling that need. South Carolina S3DA has more than doubled their membership across the state since last season and State Coordinator Sheila Tadlock does not anticipate the need to go down anytime soon. This regional saw 81 archers from eleven teams across the state compete for their chance to qualify for the Indoor State Championship.

However, between the flight times is where the magic happened! April Penny was able to capture the picture of Young Adult Senior Ethan Todd and the youngest SC S3DA member in the Jr. Eagle Division, Alexis Jones (age 5) comparing their compound bows. The love of archery continues to grow with every tournament as South Carolina S3DA seasoned archers are so encouraging to the new members.

Spartan Archers Grandparent, Mark Cook said, “What a great bonding experience for us with four of our kids! We love how this program promotes both individual challenges and teamwork. It’s awesome because kids of all ages can do this together.”

“Our family has been part of S3DA for about two years. Sheila and I team work tirelessly to provide a safe, wholesome experience for children and teens of all skill levels. They are always ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns. The older kids are great role models for my son, Karson, and many other children and are always offering help to the children when needed. S3DA is what we call our extended family, “stated Academy Christian Team Parent, Joshua Mulkey.

South Carolina S3DA State Coordinator, Sheila Tadlock, stated, “We were very blessed to hold four indoor regionals with a record-high number of competitors. Our parents, grandparents, and archers worked well together to ensure a safe and fun day of competition. We would like to thank University of the Cumberlands, Union College and Emmanuel College for the scholarship certificates.”

S3DA Names New KY S3DA State Conservation Coordinator

Scholastic 3-D Archery is pleased to announce Kerby Long as the Kentucky S3DA State Conservation Outreach Coordinator. Kerby will work with Kristi Wilson, KY S3DA State Coordinator, to provide S3DA teams across the state with outdoor-related activities and education that is centered around conservation. Kerby states, “The best way to ensure these students spend a lifetime in the outdoors is to ensure they have both a passion for it and the skills needed to fully enjoy it. We have already begun to implement big plans for conservation experiences that archers across the state can enjoy. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish!”

Kerby was raised in Elk Valley, TN but currently resides in Williamsburg, KY with his wife, Amanda, and their two sons Rylan and Mason. Rylan and Mason both compete in the S3DA program as well as ASA. Kerby began hunting with firearms when he was younger and tinkered in the backyard with archery, but it wasn’t until his son, Rylan, joined the local S3DA club that he truly saw archery as an overall and definitive sport. Soon after that, Kerby became an S3DA Certified Coach and started helping at the local club as well as transitioning his firearm centered hunting experiences to archery.

Along with attending archery tournaments nationwide, Kerby spends much of his free time creating food plots and wild game habitats that are more conducive to archery hunting as well as ensuring healthier and more prevalent wildlife in his area. Kristi Wilson, KY S3DA State Coordinator said, “We are so happy to have Kerby in this position. S3DA was initially formed in Kentucky and has remained a leader in student membership. Consequently, Kentucky S3DA should be at the forefront of conservation education for our student members. I’m confident that Kerby will perform exceptionally well in this position.”

S3DA Names Dustin Grate Nevada State Coordinator

Scholastic 3-D Archery has named Dustin Grate of Reno, Nevada as the new Nevada State Coordinator. Dustin will oversee all aspects of the S3DA program in Nevada including planning of events, coordinating trainings, and dividing the state into regions. Dustin is a sitting board member for the Nevada Bow Hunters Association (NBHA) and has great relations with various foundations such as the Wild Sheep Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Silver Arrow Bowman and other groups around Nevada and the West Coast. He currently is the Head Coach of the S3DA Team, Wasting Arrows. Dustin stated, “I reached out to S3DA because I felt that our community needed more youth activities. Archery has always been a passion in my life where I have not only been lucky enough to have a family that supports it but enjoys the thrill of it as well. S3DA saw my vision and passion for archery and youth to grow in this area and I intend to not only be the State Coordinator of Nevada, but to assist with growing S3DA along the West Coast.”

At an early age, Dustin began with an interest in firearms and would go from target practice to the woods to harvest an animal. Somewhere along the way, he switched to archery hunting as he loves the close and personal experience. He sometimes has feelings of frustrations when bowhunting but says that is what continues to drive him back for more. Dustin, his wife, Dani, and their two boys, Talen and Tyce, are avid archers, hunters, and love the outdoors. Dani grew up shooting competitively and gave that up for school, but now she has reconnected her love for archery and has started shooting again. Dani recently shot a mule deer with her bow and then was lucky enough to draw an archery bull elk tag where she made an ethical 58-yard shot on an amazing bull elk. Dustin enjoys guiding his wife and their two boys in to animals and watching them more than he enjoys hunting for himself.

Nevada allows for a great outdoor experience and has a population of just over three million people spanning sixteen counties. Dustin’s goal is to increase awareness of the S3DA program across these counties and encourage everyone to participate. As NEW S3DA team’s start-up across the state and more student and coach memberships are added, Dustin will work to implement regional and state events. Dustin stated, “The youth need more options in the archery development stages. Our goal and our mission for S3DA is to grow our population of youth archers. We want to teach them how to shoot and enjoy archery while also teaching them about conservation and hunting ethics.”