Archery Trade Association (ATA) Reaffirms Partnership with Scholastic 3-D Archery

The Archery Trade Association (ATA) represents manufacturers, retailers, and partners to the archery and bowhunting industry. While 2020 has been a record setting year and no one could comprehend that we would experience a world-wide pandemic, ATA has encouraged all local, state and federal authorities to protect archery and bowhunting businesses, preserving their rights to remain open, while following appropriate guidelines. The ATA recognizes that the S3DA program has become essential to the creation of a new generation of hunters and outdoorsmen. With this in mind, even at this unprecedented time, ATA has committed to continuous support of the S3DA program. This partnership helps provide S3DA with grants for staffing, member access to educational materials on the ATA Explore Bowhunting and Explore Bowfishing programs, additional guidance and support from ATA staff, as well as funding for the S3DA-Sport:80 membership and event platform.

As memberships continue to grow, S3DA has encouraged clubs and teams to become more involved in conservation-related activities. S3DA members are not only competing in archery sanctioned events, but a recent survey showed that over 90% (poll based on 780 student members with a database of 3,500+) of members are interested in hunting and conservation. S3DA is working closely with ATA to implement conservation practices at the local, regional, state, and national level. Recently, ATA provided S3DA with kits that consisted of the following materials: Total Set-up Equipment Booklet, Explore Bowhunting Curriculum Book, Media Pack and Anatomy Flipbook. The Explore Bowhunting Curriculum Book includes several lesson plans and activities that teach how to recognize animal sign, build ground blinds, judge distances, make animal calls, and much, much more! The goal is to teach students how to feel comfortable in the outdoors.

“Our partnership with ATA is vitally important, as it allows S3DA to connect all facets of archery and brings everyone within the industry together to focus on one common goal: passing on the tradition of archery and fair-chase to the next-generation to assure the sport for future generations to come. As S3DA members are graduating from the program, many are continuing archery at the collegiate level while others are becoming instructors and starting their own S3DA clubs and teams. It is amazing to see a new generation of archery enthusiasts and bowhunters all sharing the common goal,” stated S3DA National Outreach Coordinator, Chris McDonald.