Alabama S3DA holds 1st Indoor Regional for 2020 season

Williamsburg, KY – On Saturday, December 7th, Alabama S3DA™ held their 1st Indoor 5-spot Regional Tournament for the 2019-20 event season. St. Clair Archery club hosted the event at Hoover Tactical Firearms in Hoover, Alabama.

Spectators gathered to watch 23 archers from 4 clubs participate at this event. “I was impressed with the way this event was conducted. All the archers enjoyed the event and the facilities. It was great to see this S3DA™ event being run so well here in my new state. I did live in Illinois and I had a great working relationship with the S3DA program there. I look forward to continuing my work with S3DA in Alabama and I am excited to see what the future holds,” stated archery coach Josh Wyatt.

“This was an amazing event. From the facilities and the support of the local community to the smiles, joy, and enthusiasm of the shooters. The outcome of events like this are some of the many reasons I became an S3DA™ coach. Our heartfelt thanks to Shelley Skinner, our Alabama S3DA State Coordinator, all the coaches, volunteers, and shooters for making this event one I will always remember,” stated archery coach Chris Vainrib from St. Clair Archery Club S3DA.

Jeff Boland, S3DA St. Clair Archery Head Coach stated, “We at St. Clair Archery Club S3DA were so very thankful to be able to host the first S3DA Alabama Indoor Regional tournament. It was incredible to see the enthusiasm in these shooters as they participated in the tournament. We applaud the Alabama State Coordinator, Shelley Skinner, S3DA coaches and all the volunteers for their support of making this event feasible. I cannot wait to see what the Alabama S3DA season has in store.”

Alabama S3DA would like to extend its thanks to Hoover Tactical Firearms for being an incredible host facility and for being a Corporate Sponsor of St. Clair Archery Club.

Please follow the link here to view more photos and scores from the event.