3D Targets

Delta McKenzie has announced a sponsorship in support of Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA). “We are supporting S3DA because the organization offers kids a chance to learn the sport of archery and understand the benefits of practice and competition, while having a lot of fun at the same time,” said Mark Pezzoni, President of Easton Technical Products.


The Scholastic 3-D Archery program uses Delta Mckenzie 3-D targets that feature the ASA Pro 12-Ring ™ set at maximum distances as defined by each shooting class. These target features include: 8, 10, and two 12 rings. These targets are made of a high quality foam that helps their targets to be as durable as possible.  The Scholastic 3-D Archery Program works with other companies that offer targets as well, such as: American Whitetail, Art’s 3-D Targets, Maple Leaf Press, INC., etc…  S3DA students shoot at various targets during competition.

  • If you are a CURRENT/ACTIVE S3DA MEMBER, you can go directly to the Delta McKenzie website www.dmtargets.com and apply a special discount code at checkout to receive your discount. Contact Kayla at the S3DA National Office if you are an S3DA member and have not received that code.
  • If you are a NEW OR CURRENT S3DA TEAM, download this order form to purchase your target package today. This is a document detailing each of the packages along with the order form. Please e-mail your order form to the order entry department at ordersdsp@eastontp.com.

**Please note: Multiple PO’s cannot be combined to reach the free freight minimum. Team Orders can be picked up at the Iowa facility to avoid freight charges.


If you have any questions about targets or would like to place an order, please contact Kayla Bolton by e-mail at kayla@s3da.org.


Our 3-D Targets come in the following animals:




Black Panther

Wild Boar

Black Bear

Grazing Deer

Medium Deer

Large Deer

Strutting Turkey

Black Buck


Russian Boar

Wart Hog



Hill Country Deer

Mule Deer



Mountain Lion



Medium Brown Bear

S3DA started out as an organization to help bridge students from one style of archery into 3-D archery that could lead them to a lifetime in the sport. This program has truly exploded across the country and we are proud to have such a strong 3-D component in our organization.

The S3DA National Tournament will consist of two (2) rounds of twenty (20) individual 3-D targets contested over a one or two-day period as determined by the Tournament Director. Each round will be a “Shotgun” start. At the state and regional level, the tournaments will consist of one (1) round of twenty (20) individual 3-D targets contested on a one-day period. Each round will either be a “Shotgun” start or a “Casual” start, also as designated by the Tournament Director.

With the explosion of our 3-D program across the US, we decided to add another season and another aspect to our program–Indoor 5-Spot Archery. Our Indoor program will allow our students to continue shooting archery throughout the entire year, as well as prepare our students even more for their potential college shooting careers.

S3DA standard unit for local, regional, and state shall consist of thirty (30) arrows shot at distances as shown in the “CLASSES” section of the rules document. Each round shall consist of six ends of five arrows per end.

S3DA has exploded so rapidly across the U.S., so we decided to add another aspect to our program– Outdoor Target Archery. S3DA held their 1st ever Outdoor Target Nationals in 2017 in Williamsburg, KY. In 2018, S3DA held their Outdoor Target Nationals in conjunction with USA Archery in Raleigh, NC. Our Outdoor target archery provides students a chance to be showcased in a way that 3-D and Indoor does not. This provides students with even more practice and gives them an even better chance for grants and college scholarships.

Olympic Recurve/Traditional: 122 cm Target Face- Gold (yellow), Red, Blue, Black, and White with ten concentric rings arranged to divide each color (10 through 1).

Fixed Pins/Open: 80 cm Target Face 6 Ring

Archers will shoot 6 ends of 6 arrows at their designated distance.