Illinois S3DA Hosts 3-D Regional

As local communities continue to update Covid-19 regulations, Illinois S3DA staff is working diligently with various venues to allow students the opportunity to compete in 3-D competitions across the state. Rend Lake, located in Benton, Illinois, is a premier location for fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing and a host of other activities. Recently, a brand-new state-of-the-art archery complex was completed for the public use. Hamilton County Fox Archery Club located in Southern Illinois hosted their 1st 3-D Regional Tournament at the Rend Lake Archery Complex. Social distance guidelines were in affect and a casual start allowed archers and guests to participate in a safe environment. Nearly one-hundred archers from across the state came out to participate in the event.

Illinois Regional Coordinator, Donnie Millenbine commented that he was pleased with the attendance for the event and looked forward to the rest of the 3-D season. Several of the parents spoke about the new facilities at Rend Lake and expressed their delight to finally be shooting archery again. When talking with several of the archers, they were excited to be competing again, visiting, hanging out with their friends from other teams, and overall getting to shoot their bows to compete on the new course.

Head Coach of the Hamilton Fox Archery Club, Michael Davenport reflected on the event by stating, “Archers had to compete on a very winding course, but most of them would tell you that they felt like it was a very realistic experience instead of just shooting 3-D targets in an open field. The facility is simply amazing! We would like to thank everyone who came out and participated in this event. We have events nearly every weekend across the state of Illinois and we encourage friends and families to join us for a great time on the range.”

Easton Archery Renews Sponsorship of S3DA

Easton Archery and Scholastic 3-D Archery share a common goal of creating and sustaining lifelong archers. Both organizations provide wide-ranging experiences for youth archers that include but are not limited to archery educational instruction videos and materials, how to bow hunt and become a better bowhunter tutorials, tree stand safety education, 3D, and target archery competitions and much, much more! Easton Archery will renew their sponsorship as a Silver Level Sponsor, which includes providing S3DA members discounts on Easton Archery products. S3DA members can purchase Easton Lightspeed bare shaft arrows directly from the S3DA website here.

“Expanding opportunities to enjoy archery has always been a part of Easton’s company culture. So, it’s a natural fit for us to partner with Scholastic 3D Archery as they foster the skills developed through regular practice and competition to young people,” stated Easton Marketing Director, Gary Cornum.

“We’re very pleased that Easton Archery has chosen to renew their sponsorship at the Silver Level. S3DA has collaborated with Easton on a number of important initiatives to enhance the opportunities of our youth in target archery but also in the conservation and bowhunting realm. Renewal of this sponsorship will allow continued collaboration and provide S3DA youth with top-notch equipment and superb archery opportunities well into the future,” stated S3DA Executive Director, Holly Helton.

Hale Secures 1st Place in Championship Recurve Female Division at The Vegas Shoot

Olivia Hale picked up her first bow at the age of twelve when she began shooting archery with the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). After three years with the program, Olivia met Mackenzie Brown at NASP Nationals and decided that she wanted to further her career in archery. She wanted to transition into even more competitive archery and learn more about indoor, 3D and target archery. She became interested in the Scholastic 3-D Archery program and joined a local club called Team ACUSA. Olivia began competing with S3DA in 2018 with 3D archery and won 3D Nationals in the Middle School Division her very first season. After a year of being in the program, she joined the Blackhawk S3DA team closer to her home. Olivia has shot in the Olympic Recurve Division with S3DA for three years now and has been able to compete in various S3DA events at the regional, state, and national level.

As sign-ups neared for The Vegas Shoot, Olivia had no expectations of winning her division. Her father promised her that if she did well at NFAA Nationals, he would make a way for her to get to The Vegas Shoot, mainly because they have a lot of family there that has never gotten the opportunity to see her compete. The expectation was for Olivia to compete in the Women’s class for fun and experience instead of the youth class.

Olivia said, “One day prior to competition, I saw that some of the really big names were not showing and I thought I might actually have a shot to win, so that made me really nervous, and I wasn’t as focused on my process and truly did not shoot my best through the first two days of competition. After some coaching on my mental game, I went into the third and final day much more relaxed and focused on the process of just taking one arrow at a time. When I look back on my first national tournaments with each organization from NASP to S3DA to USA Archery to NFAA, I cannot believe how far that I have come in such a short time. Winning The Vegas Shoot is definitely going to be the most memorable!”

Olivia’s parents, Dee, and Brandon are beyond blessed to have found S3DA. They are extremely thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Blackhawk S3DA and for the many volunteers, parents, coaches, and students that volunteer their time to make sure S3DA is successful. Instructing kids can be very rewarding when they experience success, and you can see it in their smile when they are having fun. Olivia is a great example of what you can achieve if you work hard and dream big. Olivia not only excels in shooting archery, but she is an accomplished student in the classroom with nearly a 4.0 GPA and is aiming to become a trauma surgeon. Everyone is excited to see what she will accomplish next!

Thursday shot a 270, Friday shot a 264, and Saturday shot a 278 for a total of 812 with 14 X’s.