South Carolina S3DA Hosts 3-D Regional in Myrtle Beach

South Carolina S3DA recently hosted their 2nd regional of the 3D competition season at Sandune Archery Club (the oldest archery club within the state) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Archers from nine S3DA teams across the state made their way to the facility with high hopes of a podium finish and an all-around day of family friendly competition. The Sandune Archery Club staff was extremely helpful to the archers and their families and the facility offered food and drinks. In honor of turkey season, there was a “Trick Turkey Short Shot” that participants were encouraged to participate in.

“I was very impressed with the Sandune Archery Club, as they hosted the SCAA 900 round and SC S3DA 3D Regional tournaments as two separate events, but together on the same weekend to allow archers the opportunity to compete in both events. When staff can come together and make events coincide it brings more participation and less stress on parents and families having to deal with travel arrangements and accommodations. I had the pleasure of working with Tim Smith, Level 3 NTS Coach Beth Anctil, and South Carolina ASA Coordinator, Dave Shirley over the weekend. Several of our S3DA members were able to compete in both events and our membership increased at this event by adding five new members,” stated South Carolina S3DA State Coordinator Sheila Tadlock.

One of the new S3DA teams Big Knop Bowmen out of Gray Court, South Carolina participated at this regional in Myrtle Beach. The team loved the layout of the course and had a blast meeting other archers. Coaches Dusty Grant and Carrie Lennox are active ASA members competing in Semi Pro and Women’s Open 45, looking to help youth find the love of archery and grow their skills behind a bow. South Carolina S3DA looks forward to the next Outdoor Target regional coming up in May.

Tennessee S3DA Hosts Dual 3-D Regionals

Tennessee S3DA launched the 2021 3-D competition season with dual 3-D regionals located in East and West Tennessee. Crossroads Archery hosted the East TN Regional event at the Union County Archery range in Maynardville, Tennessee while Bradford Archery hosted the West TN Regional event at the Carroll County Shooting Sports Complex in Huntingdon, Tennessee. Union County Archery range has become a staple venue for TN S3DA, as this is the 3rd annual event held at this location. The Carroll County Shooting Sports Complex is one of the 4 new locations for Tennessee S3DA this year, but by all accounts, an excellent venue.

The week prior to each of the regionals there was some rain and cool temperatures across the state that made for some wet conditions out on the ranges. Nonetheless, many archers braved the conditions and participated in the two regionals. Most of these archers seemed to love the mud and they did not let the weather stop them from having a good time, as there were plenty of smiles and laughs all-around.

Union County Archery Range owner, Randy Jones, was on hand late Saturday afternoon and commented, “It looks like everyone had a good time. I saw a lot of smiling faces. I am happy to be able to host these youth events and look forward to many more in the future!”

Notably, this was the first 3-D regional for approximately twenty-five archers. Among those was Lillian Thurber with Muddy Bayou Archery. Lillian shared that she loved her first 3-D shoot and said, “3D archery is a lot of fun and it helps me really work on improving how I shoot. Being in nature, doing archery, and making new friends is the best!”

Brownell Archery Strengthens Relationship with Scholastic 3-D Archery

Scholastic 3-D Archery is excited to announce Brownell Archery as their latest “Silver Level” Sponsor. In addition to bowstrings and serving materials, Brownell Archery offers backstop curtains designed to offer a safe training environment for young archers. The Stringshot B60 Safety Backstop nets compliment S3DA’s mission to foster, educate and guide youth in safe outdoor target archery and bowhunting practices. As part of their sponsorship, Brownell Archery will provide S3DA a credit line for the Stringshot B60 Safety Backstop nets, which allows S3DA members the opportunity to purchase backstop nets directly through S3DA at a discounted rate.

Matthew Newton is an S3DA coach of the JP2 Knights in Hendersonville, Tennessee. As S3DA is a next-step program, most of the students on Matthew’s archery team are relatively new to the sport. For safety purposes and to help students not lose arrows, Matthew began looking for a netting that was reliable and durable to use at archery practice. Matthew heard about the backstop nets that Brownell Archery provided to S3DA and the rest is history. Matthew currently uses the backstop nets for archery practice at the High School and said he was super impressed with the quality and durability of the netting.

“We believe that S3DA is a main contributor to the future of archery in the United States. Brownell Archery wants to support growing organizations such as S3DA which provide education and sports guidance training to youth,” stated Gustavo Rizo-Patron, Chief Executive at Brownell & Company. Simon Proctor, General Manager of Badinotti North America added, “We look forward to collaborating with S3DA as we continue to share the Brownell brand with a new generation of archers.”

About Brownell & Company
Brownell & Company has been a worldwide leader in bowstrings and serving materials for over 80 years. Brownell was a pioneer in designing and making their own manufacturing machines. This allowed them to produce high quality Brownell Archery bowstring materials. Brownell & Company also offers archery backstop nets under its Stringshot brand. Brownell & Company is based in North America and beginning in 2019 is part of the Badinotti Group. With headquarters in Milan, Italy, the Badinotti Group is an international company with manufacturing and sales offices across Europe, North and South America. The Badinotti Group is a leading manufacturer of quality netting products for aquaculture, commercial fishing, sports (archery, baseball, soccer, golf) and industrial safety netting industries.

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