South Carolina S3DA Hosts Indoor State Championship

Hawthorne Christian Academy hosted the 2021 South Carolina S3DA Indoor State Championship with ninety-six archers from eleven S3DA teams across the state. South Carolina State Coordinator, Sheila Tadlock has done a tremendous job connecting with archery shops, creating a strong group of outreach staff, and urging people to join S3DA. The South Carolina S3DA program saw double the participation in the Indoor State Championship compared to last year. Sheila stated, “The expectations that each archer places on themselves is a standard that their nerves sometimes cannot handle, so my motto is “JUST HAVE FUN.” It is amazing to see how encouraging each student is to another and I think that camaraderie is what makes their nerves slowly disappear. We all know that it only takes one person in a child’s life to make a difference and I sincerely thank everyone from the bottom of my heart that has had a positive impact on our South Carolina youth.”

S3DA Senior Danielle Mullis from Point-On Archery said, “S3DA has provided me so many opportunities with well over $200,000 in scholarships earnings with about ten different schools! I wouldn’t even be looking at going to college if it weren’t for S3DA, but because of this program I have lots of options.”

“I have received several scholarships from colleges at the S3DA Regional and State Indoor events. Receiving the scholarships has opened my opportunities to explore college and universities that not only have my degree, but they also have a competitive archery team. This has given me the chance to pursue my dream of being part of an archery team on a college level, while also pursuing my degree,” stated Ruthie Masengale from Upstate Archery Academy.

Some South Carolina S3DA archers are not quite done with Indoor competition just yet, as all students that participated in the State Championship qualified for their chance to compete in the S3DA Indoor National Championship. Many of the South Carolina S3DA archers will focus on competing against S3DA members from across the United States in the 2021 National “Virtual” Indoor Championship for their chance to become a National Indoor Champion in their respective division.

South Carolina S3DA would like to thank Walk-On Archery for the donation of the “ACE” target that winner Carson Vroegindeway received. South Carolina S3DA would also like to thank the archers, parents, coaches, and volunteers for making this event such a huge success. The South Carolina S3DA staff was honored to have archery Head Coach John Winchester from Emmanuel Archery in Georgia on-site to present the young adult class scholarship certificates. A special thanks to University of Montevallo, Lindsey Wilson College, University of Pikeville, and Union College for the scholarship certificates.

Montana S3DA Hosts Inaugural Indoor State Championship

The mission of the Scholastic 3-D Archery program and the purpose of the Lewis & Clark Archery club are very similar as both wish to guide youth in archery while educating members and encouraging participation in bowhunting. It was only fitting that the Lewis & Clark Archery Club hosted the inaugural Montana S3DA Indoor State Championship at the Buffalo Jump Archery Pro Shop Indoor range in Helena, Montana. The Buffalo Jump Archery Pro Shop Indoor range features twelve lanes at 20-yards and two lanes at 10-yards, 10-foot ceilings with good lighting, and a tuning area. Approximately, 35 archers from Elkhorn JOAD and various other clubs participated in the event. As S3DA continues to establish their prominence in the western region of the United States, people are becoming increasingly aware of the program and joining at an unprecedented rate!

“This was the first sanctioned S3DA event in the state of Montana. For us to see 35 kids attend a shoot for an organization they had just learned about is a great reflection of the work put in to establish S3DA in Montana. Many kids are excited to attend the Indoor “Virtual” Nationals in March and future events in 2021. Stay tuned, because we are just getting started in Montana!” stated Elkhorn JOAD coach, Jared Weaver.

Many students and parents were commenting on how great the shoot was and they were very appreciative of the host facility and faculty that provided the shoot. Everyone is looking forward to more S3DA events in the state of Montana and many are eager to become more involved with S3DA.

Pennsylvania S3DA Hosts Southeastern Indoor Regional Tournament

The Pennsylvania S3DA program has set a goal to increase student membership as well as participation at events statewide. On February 13th, 2021, the program took a step in that direction when four teams met at the Southeastern Indoor Regional hosted by the Reading Archery Club. Pennsylvania S3DA State Coordinator, Patricia Butts said, “I was impressed by the amount of planning and organizing from Pete Slusser and Bob Lauffer to make this event possible. I was very happy to see our two NEW S3DA teams, Atglen and Palmyra participating, and I look forward to additional teams coming on board with S3DA throughout the year. I am proud of each student that competed in this event and the sportsmanship displayed throughout the day made me happy to be the State Coordinator of a very talented and inspiring group of children.”

“Having to run A and B lines on most line times due to COVID restrictions actually ended up being a blessing. We were able to pair first time archers and experienced archers from different teams on the same scoring bale to work together on scoring and overall mentoring. It was great to have representation from our two newest teams, Atglen and Palmyra, both of which formed within the last month. I hope this tournament was an encouragement to those teams and that it makes people spread the word about Pennsylvania S3DA, so that other people in the community will gain interest and possibly even more teams can get started,” stated Reading Archery Coach Bob Lauffer. All archers showed up to compete and every team had archers that shot extremely well. There were several “lights- out” performances of archers shooting near perfect 150’s as well as podium finishes that were determined by inside-out X’s.

Atglen Sportsmen’s Club Head Coach, Chris Bannister said, “I overheard and witnessed Evan McDonough from Grass Hollow Archery continuously complimenting the shooting of his line partner Sophia Rizzo Eagle Barebow archer from Atglen Sportsmen’s Club. He told her his only focus is to make sure you have a great shoot and have fun. I thought that was an amazing thing to say to a young shooter to keep them motivated. It is such a blessing to be involved with S3DA and to have such a great platform for my child to participate in. I can see first-hand the character this is building in my daughter.”