2019 S3DA Indoor National Championship

On March 14th and 15th 2019, Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) in conjunction with the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) held their 4th National S3DA Indoor Championship in Cincinnati, Ohio. S3DA continues its explosive growth with over 1,000 archers from 97 different clubs and 23 teams from 22 states participating in this competition.

Several college and universities attended the 2019 S3DA Indoor National Championship. Some of the schools included were:
University of the Cumberland’s (KY), Union College (KY), Lindsey Wilson College (KY), Campbellsville University (KY), Southeastern Illinois College (IL), Mt. Marty College (SD), Kentucky Christian University (KY) and many more.

S3DA would like to thank the high school students who helped with the elementary and middle school classes, as well as the range officials, coaches, parents and volunteers for making this event possible. The National S3DA Indoor Championship was a great time for S3DA students, coaches and their families. S3DA would like to extend our thanks to Competition Archery Media and BowJunky Media for the LIVE coverage and pictures of the event. We look forward to the S3DA 3-D and Outdoor Target National Championships on July 9th-13th, 2019 in Metropolis, Illinois.

Click here for the FINAL RESULTS of this competition.
**PLEASE NOTE: There is designated tabs across the bottom of the spreadsheet for ELE, MS & HS Results.

Elementary Teams Results:
1st TJCA Gryphon Archers, NC, 722, 65 X’s

Elementary Clubs Results:
1st Tuckasee Archery, TN, 739, 91 X’s
2nd Owensboro Archery, 738, 76 X’s
3rd AimTakers, KY, 734, 86 X’s

Middle School Teams Results:
1st Daviess County MS, KY, 735, 69 X’s
2nd North Putnam Archery Club, WV, 713, 61 X’s
3rd TJCA Gryphon Archers, NC, 666, 34 X’s

Middle School Club Results:
1st Impact Archery, KY, 737, 76 X’s
2nd Hilltop Archers, IN, 731, 69 X’s
3rd Attica Ramblers, IN, 718, 66 X’s

High School Teams Results:
1st Anderson Archery, KY, 745, 98 X’s
2nd Daviess County HS, KY, 743, 102 X’s
3rd Boyd County HS, KY, 742, 103 X’s

High School Club Results:
1st Owensboro Archery Club, KY, 747, 100 X’s
2nd Hilltop Archers, IN, 746, 79 X’s
3rd Tuckasee Archery, TN, 741, 85 X’s

Elementary Results:
Male traditional: 1st Brody Shelton, 2nd Logan Carter, 3rd Tommy Dimon
Female traditional: 1st Mary Jurus, 2nd Abby Bartlett, 3rd Taylor Craven
Male fixed pins: 1st Ean Neal, 2nd Jackson Pack, 3rd Reece Weaver
Female fixed pins: 1st Rylee Turner, 2nd Katie Dempsey, 3rd Parker Biggs
Male open compound: 1st Myles Barnett, 2nd Kaden McGrath, 3rd Reece Adams
Female open compound: 1st Grace Gilsdorf, 2nd Lacy Sanders, 3rd Jennabeth Childers
Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Cael Griffith, 2nd Isaiah Mobley, 3rd Kazuki Ishihara
Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Anya Carson, 2nd Johannaa Gokulnath, 3rd Bridget Bailey

Middle School Results:
Male traditional: 1st Bear Geise, 2nd Avery Wilson, 3rd Logan Sizemore
Female traditional: 1st Brynn Rollins, 2nd Ashley Scott, 3rd Claire Krepps
Male fixed pins: 1st Andrew Hubb, 2nd Joseph West, 3rd Braxton Malott
Female fixed pins: 1st Savannah Philpot, 2nd Madison Richardson, 3rd Chloe McElroy
Male open compound: 1st Asa Flowers, 2nd Landyn Cox, 3rd Elliot Key
Female open compound: 1st Jerzi Sharp, 2nd Taylor Clevenger, 3rd Brinley Bartley
Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Luke Wade, 2nd Anthony Goatley, 3rd Srihith Gangireddygari
Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Lucy Fritz, 2nd Lanie Nish, 3rd Emma Vicars

High School Results:
Male traditional: 1st Brock Love, 2nd Dylan Childers, 3rd Kenny Puckett
Female traditional: 1st Kya Hamman, 2nd Cassidy Walters, 3rd Kaitlyn Shull
Male fixed pins: 1st Hunter Roberson, 2nd Ian Reese, 3rd Breklon Salyers
Female fixed pins: 1st Sara Harrell, 2nd Anna DeBaar, 3rd MaKayla Lewis
Male advanced fixed pins: 1st Ben Fannin, 2nd Uriah Bush, 3rd Mason Manning
Female advanced fixed pins: 1st Madison Cox, 2nd Haley Lange, 3rd Jalyn Shoemaker
Male open compound: 1st Brady Buss, 2nd Kenton Banks, 3rd Hasadiah Coleman
Female open compound: 1st Asilyn Davis, 2nd Raegan Bender, 3rd Katie Hemmann
Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Timothy Westphal, 2nd Kyle George, 3rd Reid Garrity
Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Jordan Meiners, 2nd Ceridwyn Salyers, 3rd Amber Long & Lilly Wallace