2019 S3DA 3rd Vegas National Championship




Scholastic 3-D Archery hosted their 3rd S3DA Vegas National Championship on February 7th, 2019. S3DA students from 22 different states met at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada vying for the title of “National Champion.” Archers from 31 different clubs and teams across the United States participated in this competition. These numbers continue to rise as S3DA expands across the Western US.

The Top 3 results per class & division are posted below. For the full results, please click here.

For pictures on this event, please check the Scholastic 3-D Archery Facebook Page, as well as the Tournament Photos tab on our website.

S3DA Vegas National Championship Results:

Elementary Female Traditional:
1st: Jalyn McGrath, Covenant Ranch Youth Archery Club, 126/0X

Elementary Female Open:
1st: Cameron Katz, Sherwood Forest Bowmen, 280/8X
2nd: Julia Cook, Woodlands S3DA, 254/1X
3rd: Jennabeth Childers, Team ACUSA – Alabama, 247/2X

Elementary Male Open:
1st: Troy Brown, Arrow Busters, 269/3X
2nd: Kaden McGrath, Covenant Ranch Youth Archery Club, 267/4X
3rd: Wiley Long, Bend Oregon S3DA, 261/7X

Elementary Female Fixed Pins:
1st: Samantha Katz, Sherwood Forest Bowmen, 265/4X

Elementary Male Fixed Pins:
1st: Ean Neal, Covenant Ranch Youth Archery Club, 292/10X
2nd: Zephyr Long, Bend Oregon S3DA, 217/2X
3rd: Logan Uhrich, Arrow Busters, 213/0X

Middle School Male Traditional:
1st: Brock Aldridge, Performance Archery Club, 156/0X

Middle School Female Olympic Recurve:
1st: Sheridan Weaver, Lancaster JOAD Team, 228/1X
2nd: Riven Benson, Benton Bowmen S3DA, 213/0X

Middle School Female Open:
1st: Annabelle Moore, Blackbear Archery, 285/10X
2nd: Abigale Staton, Lone Star Archers, 281/8X
3rd: Rubie Chambers, Lancaster JOAD Team, 280/10X

Middle School Male Open:
1st: Colton Converse, Third Coast Archers, 291/7X
2nd: Colby Weaver, Lancaster JOAD Team, 278/5X
3rd: Logan Wrinkle, Lone Star Archers, 277/6X

Middle School Female Fixed Pins:
1st: Emily WIlliams, Missouri Rock’N Shots, 257/2X
2nd: Camryn Malone, Arizona Raptors, 202/3X

Middle School Male Fixed Pins:
1st: Kale Renfro, Warrior Archery Club, 237/1X
2nd: Garret Malone, Arizona Raptors, 108/0X

High School Female Olympic Recurve:
1st: Jordan Marie Meiners, Woodlands S3DA, 266/0X
2nd: Amber Long, Hoot & Holler Training Academy, 228/1X
3rd: Kimber Wheeler, Arrow Busters, 222/1X

High School Male Olympic Recurve:
1st: Dallas Jones, Heritage Archery Academy, 291/11X
2nd: Conner Kaufhold, Lancaster JOAD Team, 287/6X
3rd: Alexander Klinger, Archery School of the Rockies, 219/1X

High School Female Open:
1st: Sydney Sullenberger, Shell Pond Outdoors, 297/10X
2nd: Raegan Bender, Golden Arrow Archery Club, 294/10X
3rd: Amanda Newland, Lancaster JOAD Team, 292/8X

High School Male Open:
1st: Clay Weaver, Lancaster JOAD Team, 299/20X
2nd: Austin Hall, Fort Caroline Archery Club, 299/18X
3rd: Zachary Rebstock, Woodlands S3DA, 299/17X

High School Female Fixed Pins:
1st: Briah Benson, Benton Bowmen S3DA, 206/0X

High School Male Fixed Pins:
1st: Lyle Uhrich, Arrow Busters, 277/3X