Western Kentucky S3DA 3D Regional Tournament

Mud, water, wind, rain and even a little bit of sunshine! Those were the weather conditions that S3DA archers encountered this past weekend at the West Kentucky Regional 3D tournament held at Myer Creek Park in Calhoun, Ky.   Kentucky Regional Coordinator Chris Curtis stated, “We had sunshine, wind, rain and lots of mud! We heard very few complaints about the conditions and had several great score posted.”

Archer Emily Kelly of Daviess County Middle School shared a little bit about her day with us. “I loved the outdoor shoot. It was the first one I’ve ever done. The weather and wind definitely made shooting hard. I missed the target once but besides that I came out with a 160 total with two 12’s. I fell into the water and mud crossing a ditch to retrieve someone’s missed arrow. It was a lot of fun and I would be willing to do it again every day if I could! I definitely like outdoor 3D shooting! I can’t wait for the next competition.”

Kentucky hit another record high with 235 archers competing this past weekend. Special thanks to the parents and archers from Apollo High School, Burns Middle, College View Middle, Southern Oaks and Audubon Elementary Schools for all their hard work to make this a great event.

Elementary Female Fixed Pins: 1st Becky Heavner, 2nd Audrey Kaylor, 3rd Braedyn Strebeck

Elementary Female Traditional: 1st Mary Jurus, 2nd Emma Vicars, 3rd Isabelle Moore

Elementary Male Fixed Pins: 1st Rylan Long, 2nd Benjamin Moore, 3rd Austen Prince

Elementary Male Open: 1st Tanner Willis, 2nd Landyn Cox, 3rd Elijah Cook

Elementary Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Ethan Williams

Elementary Male Traditional: 1st Trey Stuecker, 2nd Adden Witt, 3rd Jason Purvis

Middle School Female Fixed Pins: 1st Savannah Philpot, 2nd Emilee McFadden, 3rd AK Warren

Middle School Female Open: 1st Tyra McWilliams, 2nd Madison Marcum, 3rd Serena Witt

Middle School Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Natalie Williams

Middle School Female Traditional: 1st Audrey Routte, 2nd Lela Moore, 3rd Grace Peak

Middle School Male Fixed Pins: 1st Kenton Banks, 2nd Shane Truett, 3rd Gavin Gilmore

Middle School Male Open: 1st Asa Flowers, 2nd Grayson Montgomery, 3rd Cooper Jones

Middle School Male Traditional: 1st Lucas Wheatley, 2nd Jack Haley, 3rd Mason Hammons

High School Fixed Pins: 1st Hallie French, 2nd Kynsley Redmon, 3rd Taylor Adkinson

High School Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Manon Georges

High School Female Open: 1st Natalie Brockman, 2nd Kaylee Brown, 3rd Maggie Gillum

High School Female Traditional: 1st Cambron Johnson

High School Male Fixed Pins: 1st Cody Adkins, 2nd Aaron Adams, 3rd Brandon Whitt

High School Male Open: 1st Brady Hempen, 2nd Tanner Barker, 3rd Jimmy Gibson

High School Male Traditional: 1st Cody Kline, 2nd Ryan Dozer, 3rd Wes Blondin

Elementary School Team: 1st ST. James

Middle School Team: 1st College View Middle, 2nd Daviess County Middle

High School Team: 1st Daviess County, 2nd Apollo, 3rd Boyd County

Elementary Club: 1st Central Kentucky Nock Busters

High School Club: 1st Central Kentucky Nock Busters


-Stacy Groce

Media Specialist

Missouri S3DA State Indoor Championship

The first MISSOURI S3DA State Indoor Championship was held March 10th and 11th at East Fork Archery (Huntsville, MO).  A total of 34 Shooters from across the state competed in this inaugural event.   Three Individuals shot 150 and a number of other Shooters recorded their highest personal scores to date.    Missouri Director, Jared Knerr was on hand for the awards ceremony.  Regional S3DA Coordinator Garrett Huster served as the line judge for Saturday afternoon’s line.

The tournament was hosted by the Missouri Rock’n Shots S3DA Club.  Special thanks to the coaching staff for helping out with the tournament and providing outstanding, positive support (Melissa Boots, Scott Ballance, Traci Gutz, Mike Thompson and Steve Wagner).  The club leader is Kathy McLean, who is also an S3DA Instructor and Regional Coordinator.

S3DA is relatively new to Missouri.  The first club (Missouri Rock’n Shots) was formed less than 1 year ago.  Since that time, several other clubs have been organized and the first School club was just recently created.  Plans are already underway to find a larger Indoor venue for 2018!

Missouri will host the first Missouri S3DA State Outdoor 3D event in May (at East Fork Archery).  Watch for additional details to be posted in the near future!

Missouri State 1More Results here: Missouri State 2

Hardin County Hosts Illinois S3DA Regional Tournament

Another successful Illinois Scholastic 3D Archery (S3DA) Regional tournament was held on April 1st, 2017 at Hardin County K-12 School. Hardin County School is located at RR2 Elizabethtown, IL.

There were 5 S3DA clubs present at the tournament. Southern Illinois S3DA, Edwards County School, NCOE (Norris City, Omaha, Enfield) School, Gallatin County School and Hardin County School.

76 score cards were turned in.

Elementary- Olympic Recurve-Male

Hunter Smith-84 (1st Place)


Adrianna Wilkerson 38 (1st Place)


Wyatt Wells 69 (1st Place)


Hayden Sauls 123 (1st Place)

Elementary-Fixed Pin-Female

Alyson Williams 142 (1st Place)

Paige Mosson 112 (2nd Place)

Brooklyn Campbell 88 (3rd Place)

Kate Vollman 66

Bella Hall 58

Lily Sanders 51

Brooklyn Price 20

Elementary-Fixed Pin-Male

Wyatt Landingham 193 (1st Place) (more 12’s)

Collin Monroe 193 (2nd Place)

Deegan Bearden 184 (3rd Place)

Jacob Weber 182

Blake Landingham 171

Grayson Wilson 168

Aiden Carney 167

Grant Jackson 165

Zeke Baumgart 130

Colton Delong 129

Sawyer Woodrow 126

Asa Cannon 118

Jett Hicks 117

Kole Roser 112

Jaylyn Dunn 106

Rylee Richards 106

Conner Graves 102

Kamden Myatt 93

Shawn Edwards 92

Kade Bond 81

Logan Price 48

Middle School-Traditional-Male

Colter Rister 103 (1st Place)

Middle School-Open-Female

Zeppelyn Fiala 167 (1st Place)

Middle School-Fixed Pin-Female

Jerzi Sharp 118 (1st Place)

Haley Lange 115 (2nd Place)

Bree Vollman 113 (3rd Place)

Jaelyn Duvall 15

Middle School-Fixed Pin-Male

Peyton Fallen 186 (1st Place)

Trenton Wick 183 (2nd Place)

Layne Whitley 153 (3rd Place) (same amt. of 12’s, more 10’s)

Sean Neal 153

Blake Brown 151

Ethan Wyatt 149

Jaxon Smiddie 128

Cole Roberson 128

Conner Chappelle 124

Kevin Ellison 22

Tyler Woods 15

High School-Open-Female

Jaylyn Sharp 77 (1st Place)

High School-Open-Male

Jase Kiefer 199 (1st Place)

High School-Fixed Pin-Female

Adriana Armstrong 187 (1st Place)

Kassi Ketten 175 (2nd Place)

Krista Stanford 169 (3rd Place)

Kinsey Woodrow 163

Alex Wallace 120

Kilee Roser 106

High School-Fixed Pin-Male

Austin Marler 205 (1st Place)

Isaiah Conkle 202 (2nd Place)

Christian Ray 181 (3rd Place)

Jacob Quillen 180

Sean Lane 176

Bailey Sneed 173

C.J. Schroeder 168

Brayden Winters 166

Joe Orman 164

Ryder Flener 142

Tyler Stanford 141

Michael Phillips 134

Gage Hawes 128

Justin Hicks 126

Gage Winters 116

Seth Cannon 114

Samuel Malone 113

Hunter Cullum 86

Logan Arnett 79

The Team Honors for the Hardin County S3DA Regional went to:

Elementary School Team Honors               Edwards County

Middle School Team Honors                        NCOE

High School Team Honors                             Hardin County


“S3DA has such a well-organized program for elementary, middle school, and high school level students to enjoy. This allows them to be exposed to such a rewarding sport even if they don’t have that opportunity at home. Archery brings many skills to the table for kids to obtain. I am so excited to see this program growing and becoming a part of local schools. I attended the tournament and got to see firsthand how much passion the students have for archery. Parents and students alike were grateful for the opportunity to gain this program in their schools.” Alli Armstrong, Two-time Collegiate Archery National Champion.

Scholastic 3D Archery is a non-profit organization that’s mission is to foster, educate and guide youth in the area of 3D, indoor and outdoor target archery. The program is entirely after school and it allows students the opportunity to learn about and grow their archery abilities in a safe and educational environment. Students compete in 3D archery tournaments across the state and country. Students also have a chance to earn college scholarships for their athletic performance. Scholastic 3D Archery has partnered with US Collegiate Archery Association to increase student exposure to existing college archery programs. S3DA has also partnered with the Pope & Young Club to develop the Clear Path Initiative to Bowhunting. This initiative teaches all S3DA students and coaches about safe and ethical bowhunting techniques and wildlife conservation. For more information, please visit us at www.s3da.org.