Kentucky Indoor State Championship

KY State Indoor

A record number of archers competed in the Kentucky S3DA Indoor State Tournament at the West Kentucky Archery Complex in Madisonville on Saturday, March 4, 2017. “On this same date last year 98 archers competed at this event. This year we have more than doubled with a total of 238 registered archers,” says Kentucky State Coordinator Chris McDonald. Participating archers shot in classes including elementary, middle and high school male and female traditional, Olympic recurve, pins and open classes.

With three completely full scheduled flights, 9am, 11:30am and 2pm it took several hours of strategic planning by some top notch volunteers to insure the tournament ran smoothly. The West Kentucky Archery Complex is equipped with an automated shot clock timing system that also helped keep everything running on such a tight schedule.

S3DA National Board President Mr. Fred Pape, owner of Pape’s Archery and Pape’s Archery Unlimited was amongst the many parents, grandparents and other spectators on Saturday. Mr. Pape made his way down range to see first-hand the amazing archery abilities of our Kentucky S3DA archers. He spoke with some of our archers about competitive archery and bow hunting.

In the elementary female pins division Becky Heavener, Callie Carlton and Grace Yates earned 1st through 3rd. Elementary female traditional awards were awarded to Mary Jurus and Emma Vicars. Rylan Long, Ben Moore and Kaleb Lakes took home metals for elementary male pins while Landon Cox, Elijah Cook and Kolben Vickers, all of JC Nock swept the elementary male open division. Zach Philpot and Ethan Williams took the elementary male Olympic recurve and traditional class awards.

Middle School female fixed pin winners were AK Warren, Savannah Philpot and Haley Bradshaw. Madison Marcum took first place in middle school female open. Natalie Williams and Lela Moore took home awards in Olympic recurve and traditional classes. Middle school male Olympic recurve went to Collin Montgomery. Asa Flowers, Kenton Banks and Brayden Upchruch took 1st-3rd for in the middle school male pins division while Grayson Montgomery, Dave Hast and Jordan Issacs placed in the middle school male open division.

High School female pins winners were Dorema Heavner, Gertie Heavner and Michaela McDonald. Open female high school awarded metals to Natalie Brockman, Meg Curtis, and Kaylee Brown. Olympic recurve 1st place was awarded to Manon Georges and high school female traditional to Geneva Renshaw.

High School male awards were awarded to the following after a shoot off for 1st place in both open and pins divisions. CJ Jones, Ben Fannin and Lucas Gillaspie were awarded metals for high school male pins. Tanner Barker, Jimmy Gibson and Jace Boils were awarded places in the high school open division. High school male traditional awards went to Ryan Dozer, Logan Luong and Jared Wink.

Team awards were handed out to Impact archery club for elementary, College View, Daviess County and Burns Middle School for middle school team placements and Daviess County, Boyd County and Apollo high school took home high school team placements.

The Shooter of the Year awards for the indoor season were also awarded after the State Tournament. In order for and archer to qualify for KY S3DA Shooter of the Year they must have participated in a minimum of 2 regional tournaments and the state tournament. The scores from the two regional tournaments were combined with the state tournament score to determine the shooter of the year for each division.

Elementary female shooter of the year went to Becky Heavner of the Bronze Bow Club. Braedyn Strebeck and Landry Prewitt of Impact Archery Club took 2nd and 3rd place for elementary female shooter of the year. Rylan Long of Impact Archery Club was the shooter of the year for Elementary male pins. Hayden Lakes and Ethan Partin were awarded 2nd and 3rd place. Landon Cox was awarded shooter of the Year for the elementary male open division. Zachary Philpot of Impact Archery was awarded shooter of the year in the elementary male traditional division. Emma Vicars was also awarded shooter of the year for elementary female traditional.

Middle School Female Pins shooter of the year winner was AK Warren from College View Middle School. Harley Wilson and Savannah Philpot took home 2nd and 3rd for middle school female pins. Asa Flowers from the Lake Cumberland Arrow Slingers took home a shooter of the year belt buckle for middle school male pins while Kenton Banks and Alex Austin came in 2nd and 3rd. Grayson Montgomery from College View was awarded shooter of the year for middle school male open. Jordan Isaacs and Dave Hast took home 2nd and 3rd.

Katie Hemmann from Boyd County High School was awarded a shooter of the year belt buckle for high school female pins. Hallie French and Kensley Redmon took home 2nd and 3rd. Green River Archery’s Natalie Brockman earned Shooter of the Year for high school female open. Meg Curtis and Bethany Groce took home 2nd and 3rd place 2017 shooter of the year awards.

Shooter of the Year Ben Fannin from Broken Arrow earned a belt buckle for high school male pins. Taylor Bell and Christian Jones earned 2nd and 3rd place. Brady Hempen earned high school male open shooter of the year while Jase Boils and Tanner Barker earned 2nd and 3rd.


Amber Prewitt, mother of third place shooter of the year in elementary female pins had this to say about S3DA. “Bows have been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. My dad, husband and several other family members all bow hunt, my daughter wanted to learn about compound bows as a hobby. Thanks to Jennie Richardson and S3DA, Landrey has gotten the chance and experience that we are so thankful for. She has participated in three tournaments so far and she is thrilled to say the least. She has found something she truly enjoys. She’s gaining confidence and showing determination to improve. Not only are we proud of her but more importantly she is proud of herself and we couldn’t be happier.”


“Archery has been such a blessing to our family. It is such a family friendly sport in which we have met and become friends with people from all over the state through S3DA. Everyone is so friendly, helpful and encouraging in this sport! I can truly say we are thankful to be a part of the sport of archery and S3DA,” says Kristi Upchurch mother of S3DA archer Brayden Unchurch.


While the Indoor season is coming to an end Kentucky State Coordinator, Chris McDonald, regional coordinators, coaches and archers have already began preparing for a terrific 3D season in Kentucky!


-Stacy Groce

S3DA Media Specialist